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Beyond Freebie

Trollng through endless freebies gets you only so far, and after a while, I got tired of throwing away the same old stuff. That’s the point where I threw $10USD into my free account and began thinking about my first look.

The Task: Get out of Newbie Land

I wanted a decent skin, shape, hair, eyes, and at least one good outfit. Freebies are great for filling in the missing pieces, but there’s something to be said for having at least one great look you can wear around the Main Grid.

The Budget: $1000L

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AO, AO, It’s off to work I go …

Animation Overrides (the much storied AO) substitute the default walk, stand, sit, fly, etc animations with something which may or may not be an improvement. The default walk for most avi’s is a bit – what’s the word? Choppy? Cartoonish? Comical? Whatever it is, nothing marks you for a newbie more surely than not realizing you’re walking like a dork. Enter the AO.

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The Freebie Newbie

First day in my new Second Life. How much more exciting can it be than to start with nothing and build from there! After by-passing orientation and skipping out of the newbie island, I made my way to the mainland in search of freebies to unload my default gear and start up my new life on the Main Grid.

Freebies World

Freebies World

Good freebie spots are key to starting up life on the Main Grid. While a quick search for “freebies” or “newbies” will give more hits than you can shake a mouse at, one of my new favorites is Freebies World. The real advantage here is that you get to pick individual items while looking at real vendor images. It’s not some blind, box with floating text claiming “4000 Men’s T-Shirts” but an actual vendor and you get to see what it is you’re picking up. This is a huge help when it comes to sorting out your inventory later.

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