The Freebie Newbie

First day in my new Second Life. How much more exciting can it be than to start with nothing and build from there! After by-passing orientation and skipping out of the newbie island, I made my way to the mainland in search of freebies to unload my default gear and start up my new life on the Main Grid.

Freebies World

Freebies World

Good freebie spots are key to starting up life on the Main Grid. While a quick search for “freebies” or “newbies” will give more hits than you can shake a mouse at, one of my new favorites is Freebies World. The real advantage here is that you get to pick individual items while looking at real vendor images. It’s not some blind, box with floating text claiming “4000 Men’s T-Shirts” but an actual vendor and you get to see what it is you’re picking up. This is a huge help when it comes to sorting out your inventory later.

First order of business is shape, skin, and hair. For me, I was looking for a decent mod-able shape, and a skin that looked like it actually had some shading and definition. I was looking for some decent free, prim hair that didn’t carry an enormous Avatar Rendering Cost. Freebies World came through for me with a package of STEVE SHAPE AND SKIN FULL. The default “Premium Steve” shape was a pretty decently proportioned fellow and the skin suited well enough with a bit of 5-oclock shadow and some facial definition. Several hair choices are available and I picked Cabelo MAsc Chanel. The ARC wasn’t has high as most flexi hair and it gave a bit of a disreputable air which I liked. I grabbed a suit and a pair of dress shoes from the rack and went looking for a place to unpack.

First View

Roland Zepp

The shape and skin worked well enough for my purposes. My first goal was to create an avatar that was not the run of the mill, muscle boy. So, Roland Zepp became short and plump. The original Steve face needed some minor adjustments, and I’ll probably make some more later, but in the end I really liked the way this turned out.

Dark Suit w/Blue Shirt

Dark Suit w/Blue Shirt

The suit turned out to be just about perfect. For many of these freebie suits, the graphics ae really muddy and the shirt is drawn badly. This dark suit, blue shirt with tie helped to bring my initial look together quite nicely. I’d never be taken for anything but newbie, but at least the suit added a bit of class to my otherwise out-of-norm body.

Buckled Shoes

Buckled Shoes

The black shoes with silver buckles provided that little extra touch that the outfit needed to get it out of “raw newb” and into something approaching style. A newbie style, to be sure, but as a first style for my new SecondLife, it wasn’t fatal. It gave me a look to wear while I was rummaging around looking for more clothes, exploring various styles, and figuring out how much budget I could really afford in terms of time and money.


About Roland

I'm just an oversized avatar in a silly virtual world.

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  1. Ah, I remember being a n00b. Endless hours of hunting freebies to get a better appearance.

    I actually build (and sell) spider avatars, and travel SL as an arachnid now. Although, I don’t have a free one, yet (I have a santa version nearly done which will be free) there are many stores which provide ‘better than free’ freebies (I bet that gets used again, lol).

    Lapoint (or something like that) has a very good ‘better than free’ freebie section (see I told you, used again, lol).

    I do have free items at my store, but not many. I actually think they should be submitted to the freebie stores at some point.

    Anyway, thanks for reminding us of our n00b beginnings!

    Good luck, for the future!

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