Big Guy No More

I give up.

One of the things I wanted to do here was make a Really Big Guy. Not the muscly warrior type but the Buddha type. I wanted to create an antithesis.

Well, I give up. Working on that last story convinced me that the SL avatar rendering engine just can’t support it and there’s a reason the big guys are all warrior types. What I found was that if I pushed the sliders up too far, the avatar started deforming. The head and face weren’t too bad but there were odd projections sticking out in places that, by rights, shouldn’t be. Pushing out the belly didn’t result in a rounded belly, but something that looked like the end of a log pushing out from my lower abdomen. After about two hours of messing with sliders, what I got was nothing particularly special.

So, if I’m going to write about fashion in SL, and not from the “pretty model” perspective but more from the common guy view, it seems pretty clear that I need to adopt a common guy avatar. Toward that end I’ve rebuilt my shape to be something shorter and smaller with a rather distinctive nose and a body proportioned in the classic “7 1/2 heads” configuration.



About Roland

I'm just an oversized avatar in a silly virtual world.

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