Something New

I’ve been looking for something to write about and maybe I’ve found the right thing.

Some time ago I started noticing these “pay to vote” cards around in various venues and I’ve been asking around about them. Basically, you get your friends to vote for you and there are various “winning” scenarios. I’ve wondered about these for awhile and today I had the chance to enter one.

I forget now how I found this place. I was looking for jeans or hair or something and found it. It’s called Classic w/Style and they have an interesting operation there with a kind of mall, modeling, contest operation running. When I visited the other day, I saw preparations underway for ending one competition and starting the next. Today, I went to follow up and met the CEO, a nice guy who got me set up with a card and everything so I’m now officially in the Hollywood Walk of Fame contest or pageant or whatever they call it.

I don’t know how far I’ll go. The application materials said mid-June before it’s over. I don’t know if I’ll get that far or not.

But it’s something to write about and related to SL Fashion.

Now I need to find an “updo” hair to participate in this contest they’re having at noon. If I participate, I get 2 votes.

What the heck does an updo for men look like?


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