Movie Star Contest

The call went out early in the day for the evening contest.

Styling youself [sic] to look like a movie Star Theme. This contest is for male and female, Be fabulous with your outfit and Style how ever you wanted and be creative. ”

After my first experience with these contests (“Updo’s”), this seemed much more like something a male could participate in. I spent the day thinking about what kinds of things would make me look like a “movie star.”

First thing, clothing! I’d seen a bit of the Oscars but didn’t really see a tuxedo as being something quintissentially “movie star.” I needed advise so I headed to Mimi’s Choice for Men. Alun Dudeck suggested a tux but I really had my eye on the new Sartoria suits. I was thinking something between “Cary Grant” and “Johnny Depp” in terms of style and there were two new Sartoria Suits there.

I went with the S193 SARTORIA PROJECT OUTFIT in green. It’s really the pants that are green. The coat is a very deep brown and the shirt is a rich chocolate color. The details are very nice and even the prim collar works.

Sartoria Project

Next, Accessories! Movie star == Sun Glasses! “Who’s that behind those Foster ..?” well you get the idea. Primoptica has some great glasses and good customer service too. I went with a new offering in the store – Crowe. As in “Russell” I’m assuming.

Crowe from Primoptica

But what sets a movie star apart from, say, any other fashionably dressed young man? Tools of the trade! I made a copy of the current issue of Variety and tucked that under my arm. How else would I find out about casting calls and the latest projects?


The judge for the evening was the recent winner of the Hollywood Walk of Fame Pageant – Peach Jarvinen. That struck me as odd. I guess it’s not really a conflict of interest except that the people on stage were being judged by one of their friends. Many of the contestants there had been on stage in the final with Peach on Sunday afternoon. I wondered how she’d be able to separate herself from that.

The contest went off smoothly, although the lag in that venue is horrendous, even when there’s nobody there. Adding an audience just multiplies it. I thought things were going well until the final curtain call went out and we were told to come to the front and announce which movie star we were dressed like and we’d be judged on how well we represented that star.

Which star!?!?

While several of the models were dressed as Marilyn, few of the others were dressed as a *particular* star and several of the participants had the same shocked reaction that I did. I looked at me and decided I looked more like Hugh Grant than Cary Grant and so that was what I picked.

It didn’t matter. Peach made a statement about how lovely all the ladies looked and how difficult the choice had been. It was obvious that she wasn’t considering me at all, so the results weren’t all that surprising.

I got my two votes out of it.

And I learned some lessons about the contests.

Skin: Redgrave – Emil 3 Pale Skin 01
Hair: Armidi – The Poynter Midnight II
Eyes: E’s – Gleaming: Forest Green
Shape: Roland Zepp

Shoes: JCS – Shanghai Black and Red
Glasses: Primoptica – Crowe


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