60s Style Contest

The contests must be getting too easy or something because the organizers announced a change to the basic walk on the stage. Rather than using the full width of the stage, models must now use only a very narrow path with only a step or two between the key marked at the front of the stage. In concept, it’s a very easy pattern. In practice, it’s damn near impossible to do well so it’s pretty much guaranteed to make everybody look as bad as possible.

The contest last night was “60s Style”


Being a child of the 60s, I’m pretty familiar with the look so it was easy for me to recreate a relatively accurate representation.

60s Night On Stage

These “Indian print” shirts (*Zanzo* Rajasthani Sheer Shirt – Bhilwara) were even more common than the tie dye outfits that most people associate with the era, especially for men. The hair is likewise an extremely popular style. I chose the Beckham shape over my normal one to get a little extra beefiness and I liked the way the Connor Strap beard looked on the chin. This is also a very common look for the 60s. While some few guys had full beards, the relative youth limited the exhibition of facial hair. The jeans are loosely fitted Elephant Outfitter Classic jeans what would have been a typical style.

The piece de resistance on this was the two different Peace gestures I found at Long Awkward Pose. I was sure these would be the key.

I was wrong.

Once more the judge picked three women. The three in question were, without a doubt, very well representative of the 60s fashion scene but given that, there was little rationale given for why these particular three were chosen out of a line up consisting largely of stereotypical Go-Go girls, Carnaby Street costumes, and tie-dye is beyond my ability to fathom.

One other factor may have been the answer to the “Who do you represent?” question that was tacked on by the contest organizer. Like the movie star contest, there was no warning going in that we were supposed to “represent” anybody or anything at all. Adding the stipulation at the last minute was unfortunate.

Things I might have done differently:
– Added a bandana around my head a la Cheech Marin
– Swapped out the utilitarian jeans, typical and common among the 60s flower children, in favor of the later-style wide bell and embroidered ones
– Traded in the “hippy shoes” for something more stereotypical like sandals.
– Worn an anti-war button.

One of the problems with being creative in this contest context is that the judges need to be able to recognize what it is they’re looking at in the absence of any real information. If the judge relies on “fashion specific” knowledge and not general cultural identifiers, then the notion of “creativity” becomes stunted by the confusion of creativity with cliche.

At any rate, I got my two votes and I’m learning a lot about the games that are being played.

Peace, man.

Peace, man.

Shape: Body Doubles – David Beckham
Skin: Defective – Connor Tan Strap
Hair: Distorted – Odin – Midnight
Eyes: E’s for Eyes – Gleaming Forest Green
Shirt: *Zanzo* Rajasthani Sheer Shirt (Bhilwara / Untucked)
Pants: (Elephant Outfitters) Classic Elephant Jeans – Regular
Shoes: HOC Apparel – Skoochers – Brown

Glasses: PrimOptica – Plume (freebie)
Necklace: Roland Zepp – “Peace, Man!”

Special Poses: Long Awkward Pose – Peace Up, Peace Out


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