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Tonight’s contest is “Hawaiian.” My first response was “loud shirt, baggy shorts, and a camera” because, to me, nothing says “Hawaii” more than a bad tourist. Second is the hula. Third is surfer and way, way down on the list is — Polynesian Warrior?!


Ok, so probably not the first thing that crosses your mind when you’re considering the Big Island, but I’m not much of a hula dancer, and I’m not crazy about the grass skirts I’ve seen so this is actually not a bad choice.


After all the work I did to so little effect with Johnny Cash, this one was a bit of an anti-climax. There are three main parts — the outfit, the tattoos, and the haka.

The outfit and tattoos came from the same place and just goes to show what you can do with a few lindens. What I didn’t spend in time, I more than made up with in cash. Along with the outfit, I got a “public domain” haka. The haka is a ritual challenge issued by Polynesian warriors there are several styles of haka and the practice has gained a certain modern notoriety because of the New Zealand rugby team – The All Blacks – who challenge their opponents before each match.

The big decision with this contest was whether or not to use the haka. I’ve created a specialized AO that plays the animations (two of them) and five sound clips to give a full performance — but after Friday’s issue with performance, I didn’t really know what the right course was. In my mind, this outfit isn’t complete without the dance and the dance looks kinda odd without the chant.

And walking out on stage just doing a buncha model poses seems a bit disrepectful.

In the end, I picked a middle course. I picked one of the two animations from the haka routine, and put it in as a pose, but not at the front. I reserved the front for the requisite “show your butt to the judge” moves. The result was a shocker.


First Place!

This is one of those in-explicable nights but instead of wondering why I didn’t place, I can’t figure out why I took first. On my scale of creativity, this was the least creative effort I’ve put forth since the first day I walked onto the stage. The feedback from the judge was very positive, and I have no idea why.

What would I do different?

It’s kind of difficult to second guess a winning performance but given that I don’t think this was my best performance, I do think there’s room for improvment.

Poses. The standard model set just were unsatisfactory. They were incongruous to me, like doing karate in a business suit. I really would have liked to have some “warrior” poses.

Oil. I have that Nyokos oil but the core is a blue latex thong. That thong peeked out of the breech clout at the hips so I couldn’t get all oiled up and gleaming. The tatts looked better when I had a sheen, but I didn’t think of it until too late. I should go to Nyokos now before I forget again.

So tonight, I got my two votes, a trophy, and the cash. This also means I have one more entry in the bonus round next Thursday night when I’ll get 500L and 50 votes added to my pageant entry for every outfit I can get onto the stage. I’m not in the big money round with only four placements, but I’m doing pretty well for a newcomer and a guy.

Outfit: Tiki Tattoo-Pacific Dancer
Tattoos: Tiki Tattoo – UPOLU

Skin: Belleza – Thomas Tan 1
Hair: Uw.St Ilias-Hair type-A size-LL
Eyes: E’s for Eyes – Gleeming – Dark Brown


Ring of Fire

This was one of those heartbreaking nights where I thought I had a great chance to place only to be slapped down by the judge for doing the very things we’ve been trained to do.

The challenge in the styling contests is to take the theme and run with it. For the last few weeks, it’s been an escalating challenge to keep pushing the envelope. Tonight the judge picked people who didn’t push the envelope at all. Tonight’s theme was “Famous Singer” and I picked The Man in Black:

johnny_cash_c, originally uploaded by roland_zepp.

The issue here is “gimmick” and where it all breaks down. In addition to making a shape that looked like Johnny Cash, I had a guitar and poses, and songs. When I went out on stage, I did a little Johnny Cash concert with gestures from “Ring of Fire” and “I Walk the Line.” It took a lot of work over the last couple of days to pull it all together. Unfortunately, tonight’s judge thought I didn’t walk the line, but crossed it. I can’t say I disagree. These contests have been less about modeling and more about gimmickry for at least the last couple of weeks. I certainly pushed that just about as far as it could go – and with a different judge – might have won.

What Would I Do Different?
With 20/20 hindsight, gone for the straight walk on and off. The problem with that is that I never know what the judge will like or not like and we never know who the judge will be from night to night.

Picked a different singer, somebody with more “stuff” I could carry and less performance. The problem is that this “performance” aspect is usually what wins.

Chalk it up to a bad night and take my two votes. Monday is Hawaiian and I’ve got a killer look for that.


Hair: Laqroki – Rebel Black
Skin: Emil 1 – Pale
Eyes: E’s for Eyes – Gleeming Deep Brown
Suit: AlphaMale – Casual Tux Black
Guitar: Gibson – Epiphone EF-500RA Vintage
Shape: Custom sculpt by me


Tonight’s contest was the most challenging one I’ve faced. The theme was “Go-Go Dancer” and the challenge is that there is no iconic image of the male go-go dancer. Women only need white boots and and paisley outfit to be readily identified as “Go-Go Dancer” and even that owes more to Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In and some images in film than it does the more sordid realities of Whiskey-a-Go-Go. So, lacking an archetype (no, Artie Johnson doesn’t count), I went to Google image for “male go-go dancer” and took my lead from there.

I took elements of urban and hip-hop, added a latex thong and body oil, to create the gay male stripper go-go dancer. Coming up next to our stage is Roland-A-Go-Go.

Roland A Go-Go

Now, by itself, this look doesn’t exactly scream “go-go dancer” so I did what any good model would do.

I cheated.

First, I created three looks – one dressed, one semi-dressed, and one almost dressed.

Second, I divided the looks into folders and arranged layers so that some base items load and stay loaded while I was able to use the “folder quick change” trick to swap out layers and outfits while on stage.

Third, I dropped a chunk o’ change at Sine Wave Island buying dances and loaded them into my pose hud in addition to the normal model poses.


I won’t bore you with the details about where I danced and where I posed but the thrust (you should pardon the expression) was that I started peeling as soon as I started dancing. I’ll list the dances under “Stuff” below but if you’ve been around SL much, you’ll recognize them. Since the rule of the house is “no nude” I was able to keep on my blue latex thong.

One note on the tattoos. The AlphaMale Red Silk Boxers are “underwear” layer which caused some interesting shuffling when I added the low-slung tattoo below my navel to the mix. Luckily the thong was also available in a “pants” layer and I just put the tattoo and thong in the same folder. When the boxers came off, the tattoo was “revealed” rather effectively.

The result was a satisfying second place finish:


What would I do differently?

Gone all blue. I should have planned a little further ahead and realized I was going to be using the Marinesta parka as the “hoodie.” When I went to AlphaMale to get the boxers, I bought red to match the SF Designs Tartan Sneakers. With all I spent putting this routine together, the least I coulda done was spring for a pair of blue sneaks to go with it. I made the knit cap, so that might have been any color.

There really wasn’t much else I could do in terms of the go-go dancer theme. Believe me, I gave it a lot of thought before I decided to take the gay-stripper-boy route. My biggest concern was that it would be taken as derogatory or somehow dismissive. My second biggest concern was whether I could actually pull it off. I don’t think I’ll fool anybody with a seriously developed gay-dar and I’m certainly no “Urban/HipHop” afficionado, but I don’t think it turned into something campy or derisive.


Folder 1:
Top: [Marinesta] 062 Riri Parka NAVY
Shorts: Alphamale – SilkBoxers – Red
Glasses: primOptic – Crowe glasses 1.17
Tatts: Celtic_Arms_Chest-3_a58 – *Tat’Tash Ink Tattoos*
Oil: Nyokos

Folder 2:
Hair: Uw.St Ilias-Hair type-B size-LL coffee – Unclewebs

Folder 3:
Thong: ThongForMen LatexBlue +Bodyoil pants – Nyokos
Tatt: Wings of Sin – +RocX+

Base layer:
Sneakers: SF Design – Tartan Sneakers
Necklace: M.R.M. Surf Choker *Shark Tooth* (M)
Bracelet: M.R.M. Surf Bracelet *White Shell* (M)

Skin: Belleza – Thomas Tan 3
Shape: Body Doubles – David Beckham
Eyes: E’s for Eyes – Gleaming – Forrest Green

Dances – all from SineWave:
Center of the Universe
Crystal Roses

Buffalo Bill

After the excitement of last week and the RFL Clothing Fair, it seemed odd to get back into harness for my normal activities. Last night’s contest was “Dress Your State/Country” wherein the goal was to dress in a way that represented the place where you live. I live in Wyoming so there are plenty of icons to choose from in terms of archetypes but I didn’t want to do “Cowboy.” That would have been too commonplace. So, I picked the guy who was instrumental in founding my home town.

Buffalo Bill

William F. Cody was a plainsman, scout, guide, entertainer, and entrepreneur. He was also a staunch conservationist, in spite of his reputation as buffalo slayer. The challenge in this outfit was picking the pieces that said “Buffalo Bill” and making them work. The first problem, of course, is that Buffalo Bill has a few different looks depending on whether he’s dressed as scout or as ringmaster. I focused on the latter and represented him in later life, with his white hair and “business” attire.

The hair is one of my standard work-horse pieces – Rei in White from Discord – and I went back to Discord for a prim beard and mustache. There wasn’t a “Buffalo Bill” set so I grabbed a special 6-pack of goatee’s and rearranged the prims on one of them to form the “Colonel Sanders” looking beard and mustache. Since I was representing Cody’s later life, I left them white.

The outfit consists of the INDI Jack coat and pants, Evocative’s Cuban ankle boots, and the gloves from Gritzi’s DEMON outfit. The hat came from Timeless Hats and includes a nicely done “doff the hat and bow” animation that really suited the character. The shirt and tie are from a period outfitter – Doc’s Mens Wear. They come as separates with a shirt-base and vest that matches to a prim collar with bow-tie. I really liked the way these pieces worked with the frock coat styling of INDI’s Jack.

The skin, I should point out, was the group release gift that came from LeLutka a couple of weeks ago – Absolute in Pale – and I really like the way this skin looks.

The effort was good enough for Second Place.
Second Place - Buffalo Bill
Unlike many contests where I’m left scratching my head, this is one line up I agree with and not just because I’m in it. The field was very small – only six models – and the judge was an experienced model in her own right. She picked up on a lot of the nuance that a less experienced judge may not have. First place represented, not a person, but an object and was very well and imaginatively done. Third went to another iconic representation – one of the survivors of the battle of the Alamo.

It was a gratifying confirmation that sometimes the effort can pay off.

What would I do differently?

Skin – I liked the way this skin looked, but I would have liked it in a darker tone. I’m going to get some darker skins in the next week or so, as soon as I make up my mind which ones.

Beard – I would have liked to do a little more rework on it to get a fuller look.

Boots – I already had the Cuban Ankle boots, but Cody frequently wore “cavalry boots” which looked a lot more like SF Designs’ “Slouch Boots” and that would have punched up this outfit a lot had I sprung for those.

Hair – Cody had flowing, curly locks that fell back from his face. This hair worked – sorta – but wasn’t really a good fit.

Tie/Collar problem – When I put the tie on, it knocked the collar off. I didn’t spot it until afterward. I’ve since fixed that interaction.

Coat and Pants: Jack – INDI
Shirt: Doc’s No-Tie Dragon Vest Shirt – Doc’s Mens Wear
Tie: Doc’s Wing Collar and Red Bow – Doc’s Mens Wear
Hat: Timeless Cowboy hat – Clean – Brushed Felt – Timeless Hats
Gloves: DEMON gloves – Gritzi
Boots: Evocative Cuban Ankle Boots – Lapointe and BastChild

Skin: ABSOLUTE-pale-base-faceB_1 – LeLutka
Hair: Rei (White) – Discord
Beard: Ramon (Shock) reworked to “Buffalo Bill” – Discord
Eyes: Gleaming – Forrest Green – E’s for Eyes

RFL Winners

There were a couple of contests running during the SL Clothing Fair.

The Contest was for merchants who decorated their shops in a Pirate theme. I know I saw a lot of great theme decor and even wrote about it last week.

  1. First and most important the store must contain one of the RFL vendors
  2. The theme is pirates, which store most fits the theme
  3. How well does the shop rez (is it laggy through using sculpts etc)
  4. How appealing is it, does it draw you in or just look good from the road
  5. How easy is it to see the items for sale

Runner up and L$5000 sponsorship package: Fantasia owned by Dream Resistance. “The store had a great steampunk pirate feel and really drew people in.”

Winner of L$22000 sponsorship package: Sam’s Secret owned by Samsara Nishi. “Great design with floating boxes and bright colors.”

The photoLife photo contest was for the best outfit and picture made using the RFL vendor objects. There are a lot of great snaps in the flickr feed and I had a great deal of fun looking around for items that would go together. Winners get a photoLife Studio and designer gift packs.

Winner for female: Elusyve Jewell with RFL Clothing Fair 2009 (2) !!
Elusyve Jewell's winning entry

Winner for male: Pirate Lord Nelson….Ran Garrigus!!
Ron Garrigus's winning entry

But the real winners are those people who will be helped by the 4.5 million lindens raised during this fabulous event. Thanks to the unflinching efforts of the Relay Raiders, the designers, the builders, entertainers and — most importantly — all of you who came down and gave your linden dollars to the cause we’re that much closer to a cure.

And I think that makes us all winners.

Sunset at the Fair

Sunset at the Fair, originally uploaded by roland_zepp.

With 30 minutes to go on the PhotoContest, I was looking for something that spoke to how I felt about this last week.

I started out with these Parachute Shorts from Barefoot Apparel (Thanks, Ryan) and Kith Decuir pointed me to this navy “parka” as a great top. The necklace is one that I stumbled on and I love the simplicity of it.

The trunks called for a water scene and I found this float on the Entertainment sim. I’m feeling at once relieved and let down. It’s been a wonderful week working with a great group of people toward a really worthwhile goal and I don’t want it to end. At the same time, it’s been a lot of work and I’m feeling really good about the way things have worked out here.

Thanks to everybody who helped and who donated. Thanks to all of you, we’re that much closer to finding a cure.

RFL Day 7 – When The Clock Strikes …

The 2009 Clothing Fair has a few more hours to run. The deadline looms at 8pm SLT today (the 22nd) and every linden counts in the Race for the Cure.

The designers, organizers, builders, and entertainers are all grateful for your support but this isn’t the time to let up. I’m doing my part, making one last pass through the sims — buying up the last-chance deals but you all need to take advantage of these last (mostly lag-free) hours to get in some shopping. I’ve just picked up a terrific new Styles of Edo black suit and another bit of jewelry myself. I see a great new photo op coming before the Photocontest ends at 6pm and the party starts!

And you all still have time! Get out to The 2009 Clothing Fair now. Take advantage of some wonderful bargains, admire the great build, and help the Relay Raiders in their race for the cure.

Steam Punk Pirate

Steam Punk Pirate, originally uploaded by roland_zepp.

This is what I’m thinking about for one of my photo contest entries. I get three and so far, two outfits.

Hm. I need one more look.

RFL Day 6 – X marks the Spot!

No self-respecting pirate would be caught without a treasure and this Pirate Themed Festival is no exception. We’re in the final couple of days now but there’s still time to find the treasures hidden around the various regions.

This, Me Hearties, is what yer lookin’ fer:

Every one of them is in plain sight. None are hidden in anything. None are in shops. None are on roofs. Some require you to look in different places. One Hint: turn around occasionally and look behind you.

Keeping with the idea that every linden counts in our race to find the cure, each chest will cost you 10L. In case you don’t think these treasures are worth 10L of your precious horde, Bucko, here’s the list of what I found in each and every one! (I beg humble pardon in advance if I’ve messed up the name of the outfit or made some horribly gauche faux pas in designer/outfit name.)

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 1 – Ripped Pirate Necklace

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 2 – Ripped Key Kilt

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 3 – Dagger Heart Rope Necklace (Dark Depressions)

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 4 – (nova) RFL sakura Tee & Tights

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 5 – Castaway Sarong and Bikini

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 6 – Awesome Designs Lily Dress

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 7 – Solstice Silks

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 8 – Calibre – Pink top/skirt

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 9 – Fetish gifts from Couture by Cat (Barbarella and Passiflora)

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 10 – Dark Matter L$250 Gift Voucher

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 11 – Silk & Satyr Wish Upon a Cure

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 12 – ::: B@R ::: Lutenant Navy Lady

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 13 – DeLa – Pirate Tattoo

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 14 – Ripped – Pirate Headband & Belt

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 15 – Ayaka top&skirt purple

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 16 – ~Blacklace~ Enticement LE

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 17 – Isis silks (pink) – Eye Catcher

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 18 – Flower Fae Peach

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 19 – To-a-T ~ RFL-2009 Commemorative Jolly Roger Fob Watch

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 20 – Evie’s Closet Hair Pin

As you’re wandering the islands seekin’ yer not-buried treasures, remember to peek into the shops once in a while. The 2009 Clothing Fair is almost over, and when it fades off into the mist like some Peg-Legged Brigadoon, your chance to take advantage of these great deals will be gone forever.

Remember, too, that it’s for a great cause.

Now, get off the blogs and go look for treasure!!

RFL Day 5 – Strike a Pose!

It’s not too late to get in on the action at the Clothing Fair. In addition to all the great clothes and the opportunity to help find the cure, there’s also a photo contest. Here are the rules from the notecard:

Category name: RFL exclusive style (both categories: Male and Female)

Goal: Mix and Match the exclusive items available from the RFL-kiosks during RFL Clothing Fair to create a composite style.
Each Item must be purchased from the fair.
The look must include items from at least 3 different designers.
The person must add on the description of the photo the reference of store name and item name for each RFL-item that comprise the final look, so other people can buy them if they wish have the same look.
Mix and Match

Prizes will be given to the Best Male and Best Female COMPOSITE. This event is sponsored by the designers of the fair and photoLIfe. Each winner will recieve a brand new photoLIfe Studio plus a wonderful gift bag from the designers.

Just some basic rules to remember…1. all photos must be PG rated…absolutely NO nudity…2. May be post processed. We want your best work … .3. Focus of the photo must be a of RFL outfits purchased at the fair…4. No more then three entries per person…5.Have fun!

Upload your entry to

Contest Runs from 10am slt March 16, 2009 till 6pm slt March 22, 2009 . Winners will be announced at Party at 6pm-8pm slt on March 23 on the Entertainment sim at the Fair.

I’m so into this. I probably won’t win, but I’ve had a ball finding pieces to put together and I’m not done yet. I can submit up to three!

Here’s a sample of one of the outfits I’m working on. I don’t know if I like it well enough to submit yet. I’m trying to remember if I’ve seen anything else on a RFL vendor that I can put on with this.


Maybe the To-A-Tee Watch? Hatpins Steamer Hat? Hmm..

Anyway, when I’m ready to submit it, I just need to add it to the group listed in the note and I’ll be in the running for that shnazzy PhotoLife studio.

We’re in the final days now, folks, but the weekend’s upon us and there’s still plenty of time to get down to the fair, find some great deals, have a lot of fun, and – oh yea – help cure cancer.