Mardi Gras Contest

Last night’s event was another one that I found incomprehensible. The theme was Mardi Gras and the idea was to dress as some Mardi Gras character. I confess, that my outfit was not terribly ritzy and I really only wanted my 2 votes for being a participant. I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t place. It just wasn’t one of those themes that inspires.
mardigras contest
My costume was a Brazilian street dancer’s winged and feathered outfit. It had a tall headdress and too much bling. I used my Redgrave skin and Beckham shape along with the Discord “Odin” hair. To dress it up, I snagged a batch of freebie Mardi Gras beads and went to a sandbox to duplicate the single strand into several and link them all into a single necklace.

Visually, it was pretty horrible, but it looked like Mardi Gras to me.

I knew that the costume itself wasn’t going to win any prizes, so I dressed it up with some very Mardi Gras poses from a Secret Source. They were all street dancer poses — arms out, face up, and fit nicely with the costume.

I didn’t win. Didn’t even place. But I got my two votes.

What would I do differently?

– Try to find a “mummer’s strut” or other suitably lively walk. My standard model stroll looked odd when coupled with the street dancer poses.

– Abandoned the bling. I could have made my own headdress and wings without the bling problem.

– Made a “coin thrower” so I could have emitted the traditional golden coins and added a throwing gesture so I could have “thrown” them to the crowd.

– Go with a less creative costume. My outfit may have violated the judge’s norms on what constituted “Mardi Gras.” All the winners in this contest wore very predictable costumes. (There’s a picture of the winners at the Classic w/Style blog so you can see what I mean.) None of the more “Carnivale” style costumes placed, even though they represented about 30% of the field and most were much better than mine.

At any rate. I got my two votes.


Costume: Brazilian Carnival – Indios : Ilhas Brazil


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