Blind Blueberry Zeppelin

One of the things that I find really irksome about being involved with Classic w/Style is the all too regular instances where males are just overlooked. Take, for example, the contest event for tonight:

Monday March 9
Event: Styling Lady in Blue Theme
Time: 6pm/slt

The problem is that I’d need to either dress in drag or change to a female avi in order to stay within the parameters of the stated theme. The only other way would be to come up with something referencing “Lady in Blue” without being “Lady in Blue.” Maybe dressing up as Wayne Newton and handing out red roses to the blue ladies. Other than I have no faith that anybody at the event would actually get the reference, I have no idea how to pull that off.

So, since I can’t stay in theme, I may as well have some fun with it and maybe poke Classic w/Style’s management to be a little more inclusive in their contest themes.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce Blind Blueberry Zeppelin!


Most of the clothing came from the Little Rebel Going-Out-of-Business Sale. The jacket started life as beige but took a dark blue tint readily enough, but the Sky Blue Sweater and Threadbare Jeans are in their original colors. The hair is Rei from <Discord>. I bought it in the white/silver pack and turned it blue to match the coat. The only other thing I had to buy – and it was a splurge – was the Burgess & Sons Harmonica (blues Edition) for 199L – tinted blue, of course. Everything else I made — the skin, the blue eyes, the pork pie hat, the flower – even the blue earring.

One thing I didn’t like about the harmonica was that the controls were noisy and awkward. The animation that came was also very poor so I contacted my Secret Source and got a custom harmonica playing animation that was more in keeping with the blues theme.


I made a custom script to play the animation and the sound files on click so that when I’m front and center on stage, I can trigger the “performance” aspect of my routine. I think it came out pretty well.

Oh, and don’t forget the blue suede shoes!


These are actually the Skootcher’s in Gray that I applied a blue tint to.

We’ll see how the contest comes out tonight. I’m not a Lady in Blue, but – in the words of Blind Blueberry Zeppelin:

Thanks! You’ve been a great audience.


Jacket: Beige Sportcoat – Little Rebel
Sweater: Sky Ribbed Sweater – Little Rebel
Jeans: Thread Bare Jeans – Little Rebel
Shoes: Skootchers in Gray – HOC
Harmonica: Burgess & Son Harmonica (blues edition) – Burgess & Son, Musical Supplies

Shape: David Beckham – Body Doubles
Hair: Rei in White (tinted blue) – Discord

Hat, Flower, Skin, Eyes: Roland Zepp


About Roland

I'm just an oversized avatar in a silly virtual world.

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