Extra Large

I started this blog to look at fashion and particularly the idea of non-standard shapes. I gave up on the idea of making an “extra large” avi about my second week, but I’ve never really forgotten the idea and I’ve been puttering away on it off and on. Here’s the result, comparing my “Roland Model” shape against my “Roland Extra Large” shape.


The difference in relative size is pretty amazing. They’re almost exactly the same height (about 7 1/2 feet) but the difference in apparent weight is pretty impressive.


There are still problems with odd projections and unfortunate blips on the larger body. Note the bump on the outside of Extra Large’s left arm as example. This is in spite of having my graphics card turned up all the way. There are others that don’t show up because of the angles.

I’m not really sure why I’m still pursuing this, other than exploring the possibilities of how we choose to look in the Metaverse. Since I started playing around with the Hollywood Walk of Fame, I can’t imagine going out in any body but my the model one, but who knows.


Jacket: Black Dragon Warmer Jacket (Little Rebel)
Jeans: Classic Elephant Jeans – Regular (Elephant Outfitters)
Glasses: Plume freebie glasses (primOptic)

Skin: Conor Skin -Tan- Strap (Defectiva)
Hair: The Poynter – Midnight II (Armidi Hair)
Eyes: Gleaming – Forest Green (E’s for Eyes)


About Roland

I'm just an oversized avatar in a silly virtual world.

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