Not Surprising

I can’t say it was unexpected but it’s still pretty raw.

I didn’t place in the “Lady in Blue” contest. I didn’t really expect to, as I said in the post this morning. Being male in a female dominated field is just that way. There were several oddities about tonight’s event, not the least of which was that the organizer gave about a third of the scores in open chat. It was disappointing to have my score (a 9 out of 10) read aloud along with the (lower) third place finisher. I asked about it and was told that the judge changed her mind at the last minute, awarding an extra 2/10ths of a point for a verbal response — which, btw, aren’t actually in the judging criteria.

The problem was the judging. The judge this evening was one of the contestants who happened to pay a lot of money over the weekend. On many nights, she’d have been on the stage with us, so it had to have been difficult for her to be fair in judging and I have no idea how she interpreted the judging categories. It was obvious that her evaluations of the stage performances and ours were pretty radically different.

Still, she was in the hot seat, and none of us were. I don’t envy her. I suspect she earned a lot of animosity tonight.

The organizer offered to give us feedback after the show, and I took advantage of that. She was unable to offer anything other than to say she’d have put me on top if she’d been the judge, but that she had to abide by the judge’s decision. She explained that I was beaten by somebody with an apparently lower score because the judge actually amended the score based on the response to the question and that the score which had been announced was actually in error. She continued to emphasize the importance of creativity, but frankly, I think that’s very much not the case. The judging tonight notwithstanding, it appears that taking a theme and running with it is really not the best approach. That was exhibited in the Mardi Gras theme event the other day as well, when none of the really creative costumes were picked, and the winners were in the predictable, and not terribly original, outfits.

Ah well.

I got my two votes.

Not like that will matter either with another “pay your way to the top” event slated for Saturday.

I did have fun putting the costume together, though, and maybe that’s really the important thing.


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