Mad Hatters

The noon contest yesterday was Styling Hat Theme. Unfortunately I spent so much time working on Blind Blueberry Zeppelin that it left little time to consider, let alone prepare for, a hat themed outfit. It seemed to me that the issue of a hat based theme is that the hat needs to have some purpose and I needed a hat that was, somehow, part of a larger idea. I needed something like a cowboy hat that could then be supported by a cowboy theme.

But I didn’t really have time to track down anything.

As I was looking through my inventory I remembered an outfit that I’d prepared for the “Showgirl” themed show from a week or so back. I’d gotten it all ready to go, but had a RL conflict at the last minute and was unable to compete. It included a hat and the outfit really was based on the hat.

Glory of the Pharoahs

I created this look by taking an sf Designs Toga and a freebie pair of Roman sandals as a base costume and then adding as much Vegas style accessories as I could think of. I made the “Cobra Crown” from a few gold toned prims and then duplicated and shrunk it to make the armbands. The crown by itself looked really odd when I put it on hair, so I looked up some Egyptian costumes from this period and realized that they had shaved heads and used these kind of fabric surrogates. I made mine in a red color to match the breastplate.


The poses I put with it were a bit lame and I noticed later that many of them left fingertips inside my clothes or body. There just wasn’t time to adjust them and find new ones so I just concentrated on doing what I could.

The contest itself was a nightmare. My wireless network kept failing, leaving my viewer displaying the view but disconnected from the grid. After several crashes in just a few minutes (including one crash while on stage), I dug out an ethernet cable and plugged my machine into the wall. That stablized my connection long enough to be able to finish the competition.

The result was a satisfying third place.

Photo credit: Anrol Anthony

One thing I did do for this contest was prepare a good explanatory statement for The Question At The End. I wanted to tie my outfit to the hat and hammer the idea home.

The headgear worn by the Las Vegas dancers has long been a symbol of opulence and fantasy. From the towering tiaras to the feathered headdresses, their hats define them. I’ve chosen to wear this outfit from the “Glory of the Pharoahs” show now playing at the fabulous Luxor Resort and Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. We’ll be there through Thursday.

I couldn’t resist the bit of camp at the end.

What would I do differently?

Poses. With more time to prepare, I could have picked better poses. I’m not sure of the utility since I was unlikely to have moved up in the contest even with better poses, but had the judge been more sophisticated in observing, they might have cost me the third place finish.


Toga: sfd Toga (look 3 – bottom only) from sf Design.
Sandals: !STYLE! Roman Citizen Sandal (male) – a freebie sandal by Rex Rayna in the Roman Empire role playing sim

Shape: David Beckham – Body Doubles.
Skin: Emil 3 Pale Tan – Redgrave
Eyes: Gleaming – Forest Green – E’s for Eyes

Crown, armbands, atun breastplate: Roland Zepp


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I'm just an oversized avatar in a silly virtual world.

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