RFL Day 1 – Report from the Floor




I was wondering what I’d write about today, the grand opening day of the SL Clothing Fair 2009. I got there a few minutes after the official whistle blew at 10AM SLT and the place was already a mob scene. According to the conference organizers there were 310 people across the 9 regions within 15 minutes of opening.

What’s the story today?

This is the story.

Thank you to everybody who’s come in, who plans to come in, and who has donated so much time and effort to this.

It took me over 2 hours just to shop through ONE of the islands. I don’t know if things will lighten up or not as night falls across Europe and spreads to North America, but there are some things you can do to help and to make your own experience less lag-tastic.

Unload your prims. Don’t wear jewelry, belts, or big honking boots. Keep your prim count low and you’ll slide through the crowd more easily.

Flexi. Don’t. Hair is a killer. Tails a no-no. Flexi gowns? Please, Maude, no.

Draw range. Pull it in to 64M and walk around.

It’s a beach, so wear a swimsuit, or simple clothes. There are a few people wandering around in black, white, or red (un-detailed) skin. No nips, no bits, no problems. This is a good place to bring out that Silver Surfer Avatar you’ve been hording.

Just leave the board home.

Shopping. Yes. Oh, my, yes. I’m broke but I’m getting more Lindens ASAP and I’m heading back!

Remember we’re having fun but fun with a purpose.

Together we can help find a cure.


I’m finding some of the other bloggers out here that are also writin’ up a storm. I’ll add them as I run across them.

Here’s one from Maelynn Cattaneo from Look what the cat brought in: Please Just Act Smart

Here’s another from Kith Decuir at Pretty Little Things: Relay For Life: Shop and Donate! (I think I saw Kith at Sprawl earlier in the day today!)


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