RFL Day 2 – Report from the Floor

Some of the frenetic first blush has passed, and the issues with lag are being addressed as quickly as possible as the organizers struggle to get the kinks out of what might be the Grid’s Largest Mall.

Lots of people are blogging about the clothes, but today I want to talk about the shops themselves. The builders did a great job of creating just the right touch of variety and uniformity to create the backdrop in front of which our little passion play can play out. There are about 5 or 6 basic shapes arranged on the paths and each merchant appears to have some leeway as to how they implement the Pirate theme.

The other day on my preview run, I noticed this cute little diorama in the middle of a shop.

Couture by Cat

I really liked the way Couture by Cat used the ship’s ribs as part of the side wall. It was the first time I really noticed how far the merchants were getting into the decorating.

Today I got a little tired as I wandered the venue so I grabbed a quick nap in this handy store-mounted hammock in Devilish Cupcake’s shop.


Yes, those are the same red parachute shorts from Barefoot Apparel. They’re low lag and fit perfectly in the beachy theme of the regions.

Refreshed I managed to stumble onward and around the corner I found On a Lark with their pirate themed extravaganza.


All these decorations are a lot of fun, but the merchants are also competing for a great prize package from SL-Newspaper.com which involves three months of sponsorship for advertising space to promote their products. Over the course of the week, staffers from SL-Newspaper.com will be wandering the sims and judging each shop based on a set of five criteria including how well the decor fits the theme and how attractive it is to shoppers.

This group has really gone all out to coordinate a wide variety of efforts so that everybody who participates can have a lot of fun in a good cause, and maybe win some valuable prizes along the way. From the Seven Deadly Sins Silent Auction, to the Photo Contest, to the Treasure Hunt — and I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff — kudos rightfully go to the Relay Raiders for a great “fleet action.”

I’m still looking for my photo-contest outfit. I haven’t found it yet, but maybe around the next bend …


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  1. Catriana Ninetails

    Thanks for Noticing! We had a LOT of fun setting up the shop.

    Cat Ninetails – Couture by Cat

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