RFL Day 3 – Information Overload

It’s the beginning of Day 3 and I’m lost. I’ve seen sp much great stuff my brain topped off about 50 things ago. Anything new just displaces something that’s there already and I’m trying to find ways to keep track of it all.

First problem:
I don’t have enough money to get everything I want right now, and I wanna keep track of the shops, designers, and outfits so I can get them later.

First solution:
I’m grabbing landmarks from the shops, but renaming them in my inventory so the thing I’m interested in is in the name along with RFL and the shop.
As an example: I just saw this really nice Morning Coat at Rebel Hope Designs but I can’t afford it right now. It wasn’t on the purple vendor so I know it’ll be around later. I grabbed a store landmark and it reads:

! Rebel Hope Designs-RH Engel J, Monarch Bay (213, 83, 27)

This is great but I’m missing two pieces of information. I renamed it to:

RFL Morning Coat : Rebel Hope Designs

Now all my RFL scavenged LMs get sorted together in my inventory and I know what the heck it was I looking at so when I go to hunt it down I don’t get to the front of the shop and think, “Buh?”

Second Problem:
As I’m walking around, I come across stuff that I think might be cool to write about or ideas that I’d like to hold on to. Ya, that lasts until the next — Oh Look! Shiny!

Second Solution:
I opened a Notepad document on my desktop and I’m keeping notes as I go. It takes a little disciplline, but it’s something to do while I’m waiting for the rez. By jotting down the stuff as I go, maybe I’ll be able to figure out what I did after I get done and can keep the trains of thought from becoming derailed.

TP to Caspian Sea

Great morning coat at Rebel Hope

Bought that Marinesta *[MST] 062 Riri Parka NAVY SLCF

Nevar just sent out a notice about the Photo Contest – I should write a story about that

To-A-Tee – the pocket watch that’s supposed to be in a Treasure chest somewhere

Remember to do a story on the Treasure Hunt

Third Problem:
How to type all this stuff!

Third Solution:
Right click, grab properties, copy in-world, paste in Notepad.

Ok, these probably seemed obvious to the old hands here, but I’m not really used to documenting my in-world activities. This is working for me at the moment tho and I hope to avoid the issues I ran into yesterday when I had a picture of a shop and couldn’t remember which one it was and had to spend 20 minutes flying around trying to find it again so I could write about it.

What about you old hands at this? Any tips or tricks to share?


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I'm just an oversized avatar in a silly virtual world.

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  1. Haha, these are definitely the problems I was having! I kept a word doc with all the things I found that I liked, notes of what I bought AND I took small sized jpg screen shots of all the things I liked along with a wide shot of the shop. My photographic memory is better than my text memory, lol. I was so glad to see you covering the entirety of the show. It takes a lot of writing stamina for something so big!

  2. Oh, pictures!

    Great idea. Saved to the drive, they give a chronology of where you go! If nothing else it helps when you have to retrace steps.


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