RFL Day 4 – Ssssh!

Halfway thru the week already and I’ve only managed to visit about 2/3rd of the region. Gah. I don’t know where I’m gonna find the time to visit the rest of this place, but you’ve still got time to check out the silent auction! I’ve mentioned it a few times already but here are the details.

Seven Deadly Sins Silent Auction

Seven of SL’s hottest designer have contributed one-of-a-kind gowns to the Relay For Life Silent Auction. Each gown represents one of the sins and all proceeds will go toward helping to fight cancer.

I don’t normally go around in circles where unique, one-of-a-kind designer gowns are even available. To find seven of them in one place is amazing to me. And these are amazing gowns, each one representing hours – if not days – of work on the part of very talented people and brought to the Relay for Life.


RFyre’s entry is Wrath. It’s being auctioned complete with skin and hair and it’s a gorgeous gown.


Wiccan Sojourner from Bewitched has contributed Vanity and it even comes with a scripted mirror. Hey, don’t be so judgemental. Everybody needs a reflective moment.


Moxie Polano of Haute Couture has given us Sloth. I’d write more, but I’m too lazy.


Lapointe & BastChild Designs contributed Lust in passionate red. Given the amount of lust I’ve expended over the Lapointe & BastChilde designs, this seems an appropriate choice.


Avarice (Greed) is a great group project from Lemania Indigo, Endra Graves and Lestat Reuven. This silent auction item even comes with the chair. That seems pretty generous to me.


Nicki Ree contributed a paen to Gluttony in this gorgeous gown inspired by Greek mythology. The gown itself is named Adephagia and it’s gorgeous.


Last, and hardly least, SF Design adds a touch of green for Envy with this wonderful creation by Swaffette Firefly. Yea. Envy is right. I almost wish I could wear it myself.

Bidding is easy. Go to the venue, click on the vendor, and pick “Place Bid” from the popup menu. Each vendor has a note card with more information about who made it, what’s in it, and even some personal messages from the designers.

These little photo snaps of the vendors and the paintings that inspired the designs really don’t do them justice. You really need to go see them at The Mediterranean Sea.

Remember! All contributions go toward finding a cure for something more deadly than sin.


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