RFL Winners

There were a couple of contests running during the SL Clothing Fair.

The SL-Newspaper.com Contest was for merchants who decorated their shops in a Pirate theme. I know I saw a lot of great theme decor and even wrote about it last week.

  1. First and most important the store must contain one of the RFL vendors
  2. The theme is pirates, which store most fits the theme
  3. How well does the shop rez (is it laggy through using sculpts etc)
  4. How appealing is it, does it draw you in or just look good from the road
  5. How easy is it to see the items for sale

Runner up and L$5000 sponsorship package: Fantasia owned by Dream Resistance. “The store had a great steampunk pirate feel and really drew people in.”

Winner of L$22000 sponsorship package: Sam’s Secret owned by Samsara Nishi. “Great design with floating boxes and bright colors.”

The photoLife photo contest was for the best outfit and picture made using the RFL vendor objects. There are a lot of great snaps in the flickr feed and I had a great deal of fun looking around for items that would go together. Winners get a photoLife Studio and designer gift packs.

Winner for female: Elusyve Jewell with RFL Clothing Fair 2009 (2) !!
Elusyve Jewell's winning entry

Winner for male: Pirate Lord Nelson….Ran Garrigus!!
Ron Garrigus's winning entry

But the real winners are those people who will be helped by the 4.5 million lindens raised during this fabulous event. Thanks to the unflinching efforts of the Relay Raiders, the designers, the builders, entertainers and — most importantly — all of you who came down and gave your linden dollars to the cause we’re that much closer to a cure.

And I think that makes us all winners.


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  1. The amount of money raised for American Cancer Society is amazing – Honestly, when I heard that amount at the awards bash – I thought it was a joke! Certainly, all did a fine job, it was a fun, smooth event, and the money goes to a great cause – the 25th anniversary of the RFL / American Cancer Society – Hope for a Cure and the first RFL Clothing Fair – Awesome!

  2. Just goes to show there are so many creative people behind the avatars we see. The people behind the avatars know that together we all made a difference.

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