Buffalo Bill

After the excitement of last week and the RFL Clothing Fair, it seemed odd to get back into harness for my normal activities. Last night’s contest was “Dress Your State/Country” wherein the goal was to dress in a way that represented the place where you live. I live in Wyoming so there are plenty of icons to choose from in terms of archetypes but I didn’t want to do “Cowboy.” That would have been too commonplace. So, I picked the guy who was instrumental in founding my home town.

Buffalo Bill

William F. Cody was a plainsman, scout, guide, entertainer, and entrepreneur. He was also a staunch conservationist, in spite of his reputation as buffalo slayer. The challenge in this outfit was picking the pieces that said “Buffalo Bill” and making them work. The first problem, of course, is that Buffalo Bill has a few different looks depending on whether he’s dressed as scout or as ringmaster. I focused on the latter and represented him in later life, with his white hair and “business” attire.

The hair is one of my standard work-horse pieces – Rei in White from Discord – and I went back to Discord for a prim beard and mustache. There wasn’t a “Buffalo Bill” set so I grabbed a special 6-pack of goatee’s and rearranged the prims on one of them to form the “Colonel Sanders” looking beard and mustache. Since I was representing Cody’s later life, I left them white.

The outfit consists of the INDI Jack coat and pants, Evocative’s Cuban ankle boots, and the gloves from Gritzi’s DEMON outfit. The hat came from Timeless Hats and includes a nicely done “doff the hat and bow” animation that really suited the character. The shirt and tie are from a period outfitter – Doc’s Mens Wear. They come as separates with a shirt-base and vest that matches to a prim collar with bow-tie. I really liked the way these pieces worked with the frock coat styling of INDI’s Jack.

The skin, I should point out, was the group release gift that came from LeLutka a couple of weeks ago – Absolute in Pale – and I really like the way this skin looks.

The effort was good enough for Second Place.
Second Place - Buffalo Bill
Unlike many contests where I’m left scratching my head, this is one line up I agree with and not just because I’m in it. The field was very small – only six models – and the judge was an experienced model in her own right. She picked up on a lot of the nuance that a less experienced judge may not have. First place represented, not a person, but an object and was very well and imaginatively done. Third went to another iconic representation – one of the survivors of the battle of the Alamo.

It was a gratifying confirmation that sometimes the effort can pay off.

What would I do differently?

Skin – I liked the way this skin looked, but I would have liked it in a darker tone. I’m going to get some darker skins in the next week or so, as soon as I make up my mind which ones.

Beard – I would have liked to do a little more rework on it to get a fuller look.

Boots – I already had the Cuban Ankle boots, but Cody frequently wore “cavalry boots” which looked a lot more like SF Designs’ “Slouch Boots” and that would have punched up this outfit a lot had I sprung for those.

Hair – Cody had flowing, curly locks that fell back from his face. This hair worked – sorta – but wasn’t really a good fit.

Tie/Collar problem – When I put the tie on, it knocked the collar off. I didn’t spot it until afterward. I’ve since fixed that interaction.

Coat and Pants: Jack – INDI
Shirt: Doc’s No-Tie Dragon Vest Shirt – Doc’s Mens Wear
Tie: Doc’s Wing Collar and Red Bow – Doc’s Mens Wear
Hat: Timeless Cowboy hat – Clean – Brushed Felt – Timeless Hats
Gloves: DEMON gloves – Gritzi
Boots: Evocative Cuban Ankle Boots – Lapointe and BastChild

Skin: ABSOLUTE-pale-base-faceB_1 – LeLutka
Hair: Rei (White) – Discord
Beard: Ramon (Shock) reworked to “Buffalo Bill” – Discord
Eyes: Gleaming – Forrest Green – E’s for Eyes


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