Tonight’s contest was the most challenging one I’ve faced. The theme was “Go-Go Dancer” and the challenge is that there is no iconic image of the male go-go dancer. Women only need white boots and and paisley outfit to be readily identified as “Go-Go Dancer” and even that owes more to Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In and some images in film than it does the more sordid realities of Whiskey-a-Go-Go. So, lacking an archetype (no, Artie Johnson doesn’t count), I went to Google image for “male go-go dancer” and took my lead from there.

I took elements of urban and hip-hop, added a latex thong and body oil, to create the gay male stripper go-go dancer. Coming up next to our stage is Roland-A-Go-Go.

Roland A Go-Go

Now, by itself, this look doesn’t exactly scream “go-go dancer” so I did what any good model would do.

I cheated.

First, I created three looks – one dressed, one semi-dressed, and one almost dressed.

Second, I divided the looks into folders and arranged layers so that some base items load and stay loaded while I was able to use the “folder quick change” trick to swap out layers and outfits while on stage.

Third, I dropped a chunk o’ change at Sine Wave Island buying dances and loaded them into my pose hud in addition to the normal model poses.


I won’t bore you with the details about where I danced and where I posed but the thrust (you should pardon the expression) was that I started peeling as soon as I started dancing. I’ll list the dances under “Stuff” below but if you’ve been around SL much, you’ll recognize them. Since the rule of the house is “no nude” I was able to keep on my blue latex thong.

One note on the tattoos. The AlphaMale Red Silk Boxers are “underwear” layer which caused some interesting shuffling when I added the low-slung tattoo below my navel to the mix. Luckily the thong was also available in a “pants” layer and I just put the tattoo and thong in the same folder. When the boxers came off, the tattoo was “revealed” rather effectively.

The result was a satisfying second place finish:


What would I do differently?

Gone all blue. I should have planned a little further ahead and realized I was going to be using the Marinesta parka as the “hoodie.” When I went to AlphaMale to get the boxers, I bought red to match the SF Designs Tartan Sneakers. With all I spent putting this routine together, the least I coulda done was spring for a pair of blue sneaks to go with it. I made the knit cap, so that might have been any color.

There really wasn’t much else I could do in terms of the go-go dancer theme. Believe me, I gave it a lot of thought before I decided to take the gay-stripper-boy route. My biggest concern was that it would be taken as derogatory or somehow dismissive. My second biggest concern was whether I could actually pull it off. I don’t think I’ll fool anybody with a seriously developed gay-dar and I’m certainly no “Urban/HipHop” afficionado, but I don’t think it turned into something campy or derisive.


Folder 1:
Top: [Marinesta] 062 Riri Parka NAVY
Shorts: Alphamale – SilkBoxers – Red
Glasses: primOptic – Crowe glasses 1.17
Tatts: Celtic_Arms_Chest-3_a58 – *Tat’Tash Ink Tattoos*
Oil: Nyokos

Folder 2:
Hair: Uw.St Ilias-Hair type-B size-LL coffee – Unclewebs

Folder 3:
Thong: ThongForMen LatexBlue +Bodyoil pants – Nyokos
Tatt: Wings of Sin – +RocX+

Base layer:
Sneakers: SF Design – Tartan Sneakers
Necklace: M.R.M. Surf Choker *Shark Tooth* (M)
Bracelet: M.R.M. Surf Bracelet *White Shell* (M)

Skin: Belleza – Thomas Tan 3
Shape: Body Doubles – David Beckham
Eyes: E’s for Eyes – Gleaming – Forrest Green

Dances – all from SineWave:
Center of the Universe
Crystal Roses


About Roland

I'm just an oversized avatar in a silly virtual world.

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  1. Xenobia Foxclaw

    I was with Roland in the competition. He did an amazing job with the routine and kept it tasteful and full of interesting surprises for those of us watching. He is always willing to take on challenging parts and does it very well. In fact, he does it so well, I sometimes wonder if he is an actor in real life.

  2. Thanks, Xen.

    And for those who might not know, Xenobia is holding the first place trophy there in the middle.

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