For Goth Sakes

Tonight’s contest is the first in a week of darkness. The stage will be a-wash in goth this evening and I predict a certain amount of emo as well.

Goth is not my strong suit. I didn’t even own a white skin as I began working toward this event last week. All I knew was “white skin, black clothes.” I learned that goth is sexy, sometimes formal, and always just a bit over the edge. I put together an outfit with the help of some great people who were willing to help me look the part, if only for one night.

Gothy Goodness 2

Goth owes its existence to music. It began as a rebellion against the saccarine brightness of disco and grew with the darker musical influences of “Death Metal” groups like Slayer and Kreator. In the early part of the 21st Century more orchestal works like those of Dimmu Borgir added to the mix providing a stylistic texture which has informed the movement of today.

My outfit tonight was representative of the style — combining formal with a touch of edginess. The charcoal colored leather trench and black leather pants over pointed toe ankle boots provide the formal structure while the bare-chest, tattoo, and iron and ruby jewelry gave the edge. The Avenging Angel Iron and Ruby gave just the right touch of religious iconography that made it “goth” rather than something else, like “Vampire.”

The Results

Totally unexpected!


The judge was the winner from a weekend “boost the vote” contest and, as is the custom, was tapped to judge. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be on stage with us one night and judging us the next, knowing you’ll be back on stage again in a day or two.

The award was a surprise.

What would I do differently?

Hard to argue with winning, but I think I could have gone more formal. Goth has a certain formality and sexiness at its root and this outfit, while perhaps sexy in a rather crude way, may have been better served with – say – a Lapointe suit and some MADesigns hair.

Poses. I cleaned out my HUD and reloaded it with the poses I had. I picked poses that showed off the outfit while striking what I hoped were “gothy” poses. I think I could have done better with some pose upgrades.

A note on the Wretched Dollies Jet Skin: I love it. In looking for a pale skin for the contest, I was considering my budget and wondering how I’d get a great look and not go broke. I found several freebies, and I even had Eloh’s open source skins to make my own, but Titania Tigerpaw suggested Wretched Dollies. The make up was exactly what I was looking for. Crisp, clean, and alive. The body definition on a light skin is amazingly difficult and the WD Jet did a really good job with the face and collarbones, the only features I really cared about for this event. More, when I had some SL-related difficulty, Wretched Dollies owner Star Fairymeadow was very helpful in resolving the problem. Thanks, Star!

Coat: Adam n Eve – Leather Trench – Charcoal
Pants: Lapointe Mens “warrior Leather” Pants
Boots: Evocative Boots – “Cuban Black” Ankle Boot
Necklace: BastChild Mens Avenging Angel Iron Ruby Necklace
Tattoo: Prozac – Hades

Skin: WD Jet Black Skin – Wretched Dolliles
Hair: Discord – Prim Hair [ REI ] White – tinted black with a few strands left white in the front for the streak
Eyes: [Eyes] Broken Doll – Silver (Eeron Killian)

Nose Ring and Iron/Ruby Ear Studs: Me.


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