Pleased To Meet You

Tonight’s contest was the third night of darkness. I missed the Vampire event on Tuesday and the field was quite small for tonight’s Faust Fest.

This was one of those curious quests wherein I asked the organizers for clarification on what constituted “Styling Devil.” There’s a couple of ways it could go — styling The Devil, as in dressing as Old Nick himself, or styling demonic, as in dressing like any ole devil, demon, or other scary dude. I was assured that the theme was to dress as Satan himself. Being a guy, I thought that might be an advantage.

Pleased to meet you ...

There’s lots of ways to play this, but I wanted to be different. Anticipating a field of red-skin, pitchfork wielding, horned folk, I went with this 21st century Mephistopheles in a Sartoria suit. I arched and pointed the eyebrows and made a pair of horns that appeared and disappeared randomly.

The Results
The cliches won.

According to the judge, I was too classy and not devilish enough. I’ll chalk that up to a lack of imagination on the judge’s part.

I wasn’t terribly surprised. It wasn’t one of those contests I was going to win. Between the hardcore, RP-backed demonics, and the bare skinned babes, the likelihood that I’d place with that theme is exceptionally slim.

I knew it was a risk with a very low chance of paying off. Judging usually goes to stereotype, not archetype. But I got my two votes and it didn’t cost much to try.

What Would I do Differently?

One alternative would have been going with a red-skinned, black bearded devil. The judge picked demonic and sexy as “most devilish” and wasn’t terribly interested in picking the Satanic look-a-likes, proving once more that the advice we’re given is only valid until the judge scores the event.

A second alternative would have been to go with a “fallen angel” look with dark wings and black outfit.

Suit: Sartoria Project in Green
Hair: MADesigns – David 2 DBIII
Eyes: E’s – Broken Doll – Silver
Shoes: Shiny Things – BoHo Sandals
Necklace: Ripped – Pirate Necklace.


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