Dusty Duke

Short denim shorts.

On guys?

Yeah. Ok. Another event there’s no way I can place in. There’s just not a mental model that I can tag for a judge that would allow me to place.

So, what if the Duke boys were girls? What would Dusty Duke look like?

short jean shorts

It’s feeble, but it was cheap. Like I said. There’s just no mental model here. The theme was “short denim shorts” so that’s basically all I wore. The tats were just for eye candy altho I probably could have gone without.

The competition all looked great. I find most of these outfits distasteful from the git-go. “Booty shorts” aren’t really what I think of when I think of “style” but then I’m not the organizer. In spite of that, I give credit to the other models. They looked great.

The results

Yea. Not so much.

What would I have done differently?

If “staying home” isn’t an option, then I really needed to find some hook for the judge. “Dusty Duke” just didn’t cut it. I’m not — even at my beef-cake-iest — the kind of side of beef that can pull this off against 10 women with their butt cheeks hanging out. (Ok, only a few actually hung out, but work with me.)

Perhaps I didn’t sell the “Dusty Duke” idea well enough. Would a red-neck beef cake wear celtic tats? Maybe I needed to get a mesh cap with a rebel flag on it, or a leather vest with it on the back.

Find some rational for me to be on stage. Guys don’t wear this kind of outfit. I had less trouble styling Coco Chanel than this. Even the Go-go dancer had a “gay boy stripper” hook that I could work with. This? It just never engaged me and maybe that’s why I couldn’t engage the judge.

At least I got my two votes.

Shorts: Stud Puppy – Pale “Dude” Denim Shorts
Sandals: ShinyThings – Bo-Ho Sandals
Tats: Tat’Tash – Celtic_Arms_Chest-3_a58 and + RocX + Wings of Sin
Glasses: primOptic – Crowe
Bracelet and Leglet: MRM – Shell bracelets
Necklace: MRM – Shark Necklace

Skin: Belleze – Thomas Tan
Hair: MADesigns – Crew (TB)
Eyes: E’s – Gleeming Forest Green


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