A Rose Tattoo

Tonight the theme was “Styling Tattoo.” This was a difficult and uninspiring theme for me because I had a hard time thinking of “what do you wear with it?”

In the end, I figured “pirate” or “biker.” The Asian mode of koi/dragon leaves little for men to wear that shows off the tatts since they’re largely hidden under clothing. I had the same problem with pirate. The jacket just hid too much. So I went with the biker idea in order to give the outfit some kind of rationale.


The leathers were a great find at V-Twins and I added my own sunglasses, hair, and bearded skin to give the biker look. The trusty skull and crossbones necklace from Ripped came out again and picked up the skull motif in the belt buckle as well.

The actual tattoo was a problem. I looked at several hundred but, in the end, went with Prozac’s Hades again. The full body pattern looked good under the vest and the sleeves were the pattern that I thought fit the character I was creating.

The Results

Two votes. It was a large field and I can’t fault the judge for picking beautiful women over a scruffy biker.

What Would I Do Differently?

Picked a different archetype. The problem is that, while my styling of the tattoo might have been pretty good, I wasn’t “pretty.” I can’t think of a different one at the moment, and given that none of the “ink and bikini” set won, I’m pretty sure I’d have not done any better in a thong and full body tatt.

Picked a different tattoo. I like this Hades and I think it represents well, but I could have done something more traditional — skulls and roses, guns, daggers and Mother. It wouldn’t have been as classy, but might have been more in keeping with the biker image.


Tattoos: Prozak – Hades
Vest: V-Twins Black Biker Jacket – Short
Pants: V-Twins Skull Buckle Jeans black
Gloves: V-Twins Leather Gloves black
Bandana: V-Twins Bandana Classic Black
Boots: M’z Engineer’s Boots Black

Glasses: primOptica Crowe
Necklace: Ripped Pirate Necklace
Skin: Belleza Thomas Tan 2
Hair: Unclewebs – Hibiki Coffee


About Roland

I'm just an oversized avatar in a silly virtual world.

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