Under 10L Look


Tonight’s contest was one of those totally aggravating activities that makes me wonder why I do this.

The first problem was the theme. It was posted as “Under 10L” but there was a sense that the intent was 10L or less. In spite of repeated attempts to get that cleared up, it was never actually said. The reality is that the judge will do what the judge will do, but it would have been really nice to know what the ground rules were.

So, I started with a 10L Pirate necklace from the Relay for Life and built a look around that.


The skull necklace started me down a grunge path, so I went to my skins and pulled up the group gift that Belleza sent out with the release of Miguel last month. That gave me the facial hair and nailed down the look. All the hunts I’ve done in the last few weeks yielded a ton of clothing and accessories. More than enough to put together the rest of the look with the hat, eyes, tatts, etc.

At the last minute, though, in the absence of guidance from the organizers, I opted to pull the 10L necklace off and substituted a freebie sculpted guitar necklace. It kinda broke the theme a bit, but I played safe and made sure I wouldn’t be disqualified for being 1L over the limit. It didn’t matter.




Just today I found some lucky chair swag and was able to add the iPod Touch and watch from Bukka and I liked the look of the Shreds from the Gnubie store so I added them to round out the urban look.

The Result

I got my two votes and a heaping helping of WTF?

Usually, I can see – sorta – where the judge was going. Sometimes we’re given feedback after the event to help us understand what was happening.

This time? I’m sorry but the winners weren’t even close. I have no idea of the criteria by which the judge selected them. They looked ok, but their outfits were sketchy, and hardly fell into what I’d normally consider “style.” I’m happy they placed, but I’m just totally frustrated by this one.

A large part of my frustration comes from the judges comments. The damning issue for my look appears to be “gaps between the poses.” The organizers followed up with the judge on my behalf to get clarification and it seems she thought my AO was interfering with my posing by causing a gap between poses.


There are only two things I can think might have explained what she’s calling gaps. Either she was on a slow link and it took time for her client to actually display the pose animation (which pretty much anybody who’s been around SL at all should recognize) or, being a photographer and used to seeing models snap from pose to pose, she interpreted the transitional movements in my pose set as being caused by the interference of an AO.

Let’s be clear. I use a specialized device that starts one animation before stopping the previous. It handles all my walking and standing and posing for me without my having to clutter up my screen with poses or deal with AO’s which shift stands on a timetable. There was no AO to interfere with the pose. There were no gaps between poses. There *may* have been gaps in her client’s display, but that kind of client-based transitional hiccup is as recognizable as watching somebody walk thru a wall tells you they’re lagging.

No, I’m sorry. This was just a newbie in judges clothing and we all got mauled.

What would I do differently?

The look was coherent and in style. With all the clothes I had to draw from, I could have picked another look (in fact I have another completely different look for the Freebie event for Friday), but I’m not sure that would matter. The looks she picked were not anything I would have considered for this competition. It was kinda like being in a movie competition and having the judge pick the cartoon short subject. Call it a failure of my imagination. I just couldn’t have imagined — out of the universe of possible choices for styling — that the judge would have picked those particularly sparse outfits.

In hindsight, I could have kept the skull necklace and at least worn something that mattered to me. I know this sounds like sour grapes and poor loser talk but this was one of the worst examples of judging I’ve seen in the weeks since I started this.

It’s just the way I see it, and I could be wrong.

But I got my two votes and, at least tonight, it didn’t cost me 1000L to lose the competition.


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I'm just an oversized avatar in a silly virtual world.

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