Ms Beautiful Pageant 2009

For three months the women who have been participating in the Ms Beautiful Pageant at Classic w/Style have been maneuvering for position for one event. The ten women in the top ten of the overall standings competed today for a share of 200,000L in prizes.

And it only cost them 650,000L for the privilege.

The Top Ten
Here’s the breakdown as of just before voting closed on Friday night:

Model Lindens Votes
AngelSmiles 106650 10590
Arialee 184745 7146
Arica 81250 8410
AngelbabyJen (no show) 64369 5260
Aspasia (no show) 85130 4000
Ghost 63550 5020
Lovena 38150 3196
Rhapsody (no show) 27600 1987
Chellebby 18350 1101
Steffany (no show) 14050 618
Total 658,844 47,328

To be fair, not all that money was paid by the individual models. There was at least one day where the organizers matched 500L contributions in what they called a “Double Trouble” event. Some of this cash was undoubtedly contributed by them – back to themselves. The net result was to make the continuum of contributions wider for those who were playing along without really reflecting much in terms of actual contributions.

This kind of picture contest really is about money. We’re treating it as if it were about fashion, but it’s about who pays — or can arrange to have paid on their behalf — the most money. That money is translated into a corresponding number of votes, and the relative rankings provide a score. (I’ve written about how the scoring works before.) Anybody with deep enough pockets can buy into the top ten at the 11th hour and there is no other qualification required.

Once the preliminaries are over — and one might argue that the willingness to lose vast sums of Linden Dollars helps identify serious participants — the pageant is argued to be about style, fashion, and grace under pressure. The participants are judged by impartial experts in the field of fashion and modeling, and the results tabulated so that the prize money and bragging rights can be distributed.

The Event

In today’s pageant, the six women out of the top ten who showed up were judged by a panel consisting of a photographer, and two fashion designers. On the surface, that looks like it might be a decent panel except, where’s the runway modeling experience? Runway modeling and photography modeling are very different. Designing clothes may give one some insight into how they might be displayed, but almost none as to the technicalities involved in actually wearing the clothes and modeling in them while moving through the heavy lag of the typical show. Or pageant.

On another front, the panel failed the “impartial” test as well. One of the key members of the panel employs of one of the contestants as a model trainer. Moreover, all three judges are tenants in the Classic w/Style Mall, and derive at least some portion of their incomes from business funneled their way by the Classic w/Style relationship. Being in a fiduciary relationship with one of the contestants or the organizers would disqualify a judge in real life for conflict of interest. The same rule should hold true for this contest. Failing this aspect of impartiality raises questions of how much influence the organizers might have over the judges’ responses. This fact becomes more problematic when the event is actually scored.

The pageant itself was a pretty typical quartet of events. The contestants led with a “creative outfit” wherein they were tasked with putting together some kind of outfit that meant something to them or said something about their sense of style, and then to write an explanation about it for the judges to consider. This was followed by a swimsuit, an evening gown, and a question-and-answer segment.

By and large, the first three events were largely predictable. The creative outfits ranged from “haute couture” to “holy mackeral.” The swimsuits were a step up from the band-aid and dental floss designs. Four of the six evening gowns were created by a single designer, who — just co-incidentally — happens to be a Classic w/Style sponsor as well.

The pageant itself came off the rails with the question and answer session. The organizers asked each model a question and the judges scored the responses. In normal pageants these questions are geared toward allowing the contestant to demonstrate some level of higher order thinking. They’re often general questions with the opportunity for the contestant to show some personality and wit and to give the judges a chance to see how well the contestant can think on her feet by giving her a complex question in front of the audience.

Here are the questions offered to tonight’s contestants:

  • Have you fallen in love in rl and sl as well? If you did tell us your different feelings you had in rl and now in sl.
  • As a slave wife in sl , Do you obey whatever your Master will tell you on what to do and to honor him all the time? what would you do if your Master will ask you to quit being a model because he just wants you to spend time with him. Would you obey him?
  • You mentor someone in secondlife and taught her all the good stuff that she need to learn in modeling. Now she is famous and have been winning lots of award and never even credit you as mentor. What would do and what would you say about that?
  • You have a lot of sense of humor Erica. Could you tell us jokes. What kind of joke you will tell us?
  • You are so in love in sl very in love with your partner and you and your partner decided to be married but on the day of the wedding your partner told you , I am sorry I can’t marry you because I am really a woman. Would you still love her? What would you do?
  • Is secondlife is just a game for you? What is your opinion about secondlife?

There are three very disturbing aspects of this set of questions. First, one might reasonably expect that all models would be on the same footing in terms of being asked to respond on the fly. The reality is that the top three contributors to the event purchased their questions in advance. The information – that the top three were given the questions in advance — was not given to the audience, and there is some question as to whether or not the judges were aware of the practice. During the event itself, the organizer announced, “Also PLEASE! refrain from chatting in open chat, during the question and answer our finalists needs to concentrate on answering the question.” While it was true that three of the contestants needed to answer the questions on the fly, the other three had their responses ready to cut and paste.

Second, in a normal pageant the questions revolve around issues significant to life in the metaverse, topics relating to higher order thinking, or even issues of style. In this contest, half the questions were pandering stereotypes asking the contestant to reflect on their perceptions of love and marriage in the grid as if women have only this single dimension beyond appearance with which to be concerned. A couple of the questions seem fair, although remember that the last three on that list were provided to the contestants in advance and the responses were canned.

Last, one might reasonably expect the questions might have been assigned randomly and could have been asked with equal fairness of any of the contestants. For the most part, that expectation held up except for the question about being a “slave wife.” This question was the most troubling of all. It was clearly selected to embarrass the contestant and to expose her private relationship and lifestyle choices to the public. While the contestant in question gave an excellent answer, this question could not have been asked of any other contestant. It had to have been formulated specifically for her and one has to question the motivation of the organizers in posing such a personal question.

Following the question and answer session, the judges’ tally sheets were assembled in a process which took twenty minutes and, when completed, demonstrated more disturbing details on the organization and execution of the pageant.

The process of scoring was accomplished by giving each judge a notecard which, presumably, contained the contestant’s name and the attributes on which the particular event should be scored. We have no idea how those cards were organized or what they might have contained other than an announcement before the beginning of the pageant: “no need on writing their names everything is set, just keep scroll down.” Between each of the four events the judges were given upwards of five minutes to add notes to their scoring. In spite of that, after the final event it took twenty full minutes for the results to be calculated while the contestants stood on stage. Moreover, this process was not done by a third party but rather the judges’ notes were turned over to the organizers for calculation.

Before I go on, let me be very clear that I am not accusing anybody of anything. There is no evidence of wrong-doing, no way to determine the actual outcomes. The lack of transparency and accountability raise questions of validity and should be brought to the fore in the interest of fairness.

First, why did it take a full twenty minutes to tabulate the scores? A spreadsheet set up in advance and loaded as the show progressed would give the results almost instantly. One might argue that the judges discussed the results among themselves to determine the winner, but in that case, why bother with tabulating numeric scoring? It should also be noted that at least one of the judges left almost as soon as the question and answer period ended and could not have participated — unless remotely — in such discussion. This twenty minute gap introduces troubling questions about what was going on during that time.

Second, the people with the most to gain from the results, were the ones actually tabulating the scores. The gain, in this case, has nothing to do with the actual Linden dollars. Regardless of the order, the amount taken in and the amount paid out in total is the same regardless of who wins. The troubling issue here is that this process allows the organizers to reward some and penalize others purely on factors over which neither the judges nor the contestants have any control. I am not suggesting that this actually happened, only that the potential exists for that to occur and the organizers, by doing the tabulation themselves and not having it done by a disinterested third party, leave themselves open to charges of an engineered outcome. Financially, the revenue stream from the event is the same regardless of who wins and who loses. Politically, that is hardly the case.

The Outcome

In reverse order, the winners:

  • 5th Runner Up: ChelleBby – 2,000L
  • 4th Runner Up: Arica – 5,000L
  • 3th Runner Up: Arialee – 10,000L + 3,000L
  • 2nd Runner Up: Ghost – 25,000L
  • 1st Runner Up: AngelSmiles – 50,000L
  • Winner: Lovena – 100,000L

My heartfelt congratulations (and condolences, as appropriate) go out to the six participants in the pageant. The cost to them in time and money was substianial and my congratulations are no way colored or reduced by my criticism of the process by which the outcomes were determined. If there are problems with it, every one of these women are victims.

What I Think They Should Do Differently

Perhaps the nature of these contests is so subjective that it’s impossible to come up with a definitive answer on who should win and who should lose. Even in real life, there are frequently controversies over the outcomes. However, the organizers leave themselves open to accusations of unfair competition — and taint the results for all the participants — by failing to follow good procedure in providing adequate checks and balances in their pageant.

First and foremost, the judging pool needs to be taken seriously. It should include a judge who has runway modeling experience. The technical aspects of pose selection and stage craft are crucial to this effort. It should not include anybody who has a fiduciary relationship with any of the contestants, the organizers, or each other. All three judges are tenants in the Classic w/Style Mall and should, in my opinion, have been disqualified on the basis of conflict of interest. Their fiduciary relationship to the organizers created an opportunity for undue influence on their judgement.

Second, the tabulation of scoring should be done by a disinterested third party. The problem is that the actual detail results cannot – in fairness – be made public, so the next best possibility in service fairness and accountability is to have the tabulation done at arms’ length. In RL pageants, the organizers retain the services of an accounting firm to serve as agents and to verify the outcomes are based solely on the judges scores, as free of outside influences as can be possible.

Third, the organizers should minimize the effect of “deep pockets.” Participants should not be allowed to buy into the top 10 at the last minute. Perhaps, there should be some moratorium set on joining the contest. I am not suggesting registrations be closed when the contest opens, but the practice of allowing people to violate the rules regarding weekly voting levels should be curtailed. Further, permitting individuals who are relatively inactive in a pageant to then buy their way to the top as the final approaches needs to be controlled. Given the large sums of money involved, I’m not sure how that might be accomplished fairly, but as long as it’s possible, the finals themselves become less about fashion and style and more about the money. Alternatively, this pageant could be renamed “Ms Moneybags.”

Finally, on a personal note, Lovena Allen has been an inspiration to me ever since I joined the contests. We compete quite ruthlessly with each other regularly in the styling events and I appreciate the fierceness and dedication she brings to the work. She inspires me to try my best each time I go out. There is no doubt in my mind that Lovena deserved to win today.The question I have, however, is did she earn it by what happened on the runway this afternoon or was it a result of other factors which had nothing to do with her performance on the runway? I don’t know, and I’m certainly not qualified to say. I have my own vested interest in this process by virtue of being a participant in another of the Classic w/Style pageants.

The fact that the question can be raised at all is the tragedy here. By failing to follow good procedure the organizers have created a situation where the hard work, dedication, and true style and grace of these women is minimized by clouding the outcomes in poor process, worse execution, and unconscionable practice. I sincerely hope they clean up their act before it’s my turn to take a turn on the catwalk in June.


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  1. vanessaKay unten

    Who are you fooling Roland aka Chade Villota. You are the guilty one, why join their contest and you are even on their top ten list on Hollywood Famous and even showing up on their nightly contest and will say these things to them. What’s the matter you flop your modelling agancy? You are so Hypocrite and yet two faces going to their contest and still putting money on your picture just to be on top ten. FYI! you are in sl. Your so called old fashion Poetry wont work in sl. I know Anrol and Steve run a great contest in sl, becasue I have been in different pageant contest and all I did was put money there and never learned what I have learned from Anrol. Roland comes to Classic with his calculator and add all the momey that Classic is making, who is he now an IRS in sl. hahaha Roland you are just kidding your own self, you are such a hypocrite. Everyone this guy is fake anyway. he left classic with style as Chade Villota since he got so bored and went back again in classic put his name on the voting system as Roland Zepp and he is on top ten and even joining the nightly contest and won several times. I knew the moment I saw him he is a fake. I asked him directly to his face if he was Chade Villota, he did not deny it. Ohhh old guy i feel sorry for you, stay in on your real life and quit playing around in sl. Anrol and Steve can do what ever they want… and you such a hypocrite one, why dont you quit the contest I judt dont understand you at all. Don be fool by this guy , because he is an impostor a fake

  2. Thanks for your feedback, Vanessa. I released it from moderation because I believe that it’s important that other voices be heard on this subject, and I really don’t have anything to hide — or fear — from this kind of response.

    I am in the top ten. I continue to put money on my picture to maintain that position. I spent several weeks at the beginning of this contest working to make sure I understand how this contest is scored and the specific mechanics of how it works. I continue to calculate my own confirmation and track the changes in my own pageant. That knowledge allows me to place the correct number of lindens and the right number of votes to maintain my position in the top ten. I believe that, as a contestant, it’s not just my right but my duty. Anyone who fails to understand these things, and then spends the equivalent of hundreds of US$ on them does so at their peril. You can accuse me of much, but “fool” is not one of my many short comings.

    I joined this pageant to see what it was like and part of that means I participate in the nightly contests. It means I’m writing about my experience in this contest from the inside. If you page back, you’ll see night after night of my experiences on the run way. Some successes, many failures, large amounts of frustration, and much that I have learned in the process.

    What it does not mean is that I am obligated to follow blindly and blithely down this primrose path.

    I have done nothing but point out what I believe are the problems, and what I consider should be done about them to the extent that I understand what they are. The issue of “deep pockets” is one that, frankly, I have no real good answer to, short of limiting the competition in ways that I don’t believe are feasible.

    What is feasible is addressing the issues of judging and of scoring. The existing situation is really indefensible.

    Are any of the elements I’ve outlined here incorrect? Am I wrong in my assessment of conflict of interest, perhaps? Are the judges and Classic w/Style not in a business relationship? Do you dispute any of the factual elements of what I have said?

    You’re absolutely correct in saying that the organizers can do whatever they want. I don’t argue that at all. Nor have I accused anybody of anything.

    My issue is really one of factual context. This contest was flawed in the three ways I’ve pointed out. If there are factual errors, please bring them to my attention and I’ll happily correct them, but please don’t misconstrue my meaning or my message.

  3. Dear Roland ,

    here is Arialee speaking . I am not usually inclined to intervene in wider discussions specially if they have an underlying polemic meaning , because the language barriers often prevent me to fully catch the shades of a talk . Moreover I had more than an occasion to notice that my own words combined with a warped someway untranslatable sense of humour are not perceived the right way by my foreigners interlocutors. But this time as my name was recalled several times, in open or unspoken, I feel the need to say something . Forgive me in advance if my English won’t be refined, but it will be good enough to allow you to read me loud and.

    First of all I hope from my heart you are not Chade Villota, as above stated , because he is a person I had occasion to know and to appreciate and I don’t see in the author of this blog and of this post in particular , the kind trait I used to notice in Chade. Anyhow it really doesn’t matter because now it is to the author of this blog I am talking , whoever he is, because I am used to discuss about words and facts not about people .

    Before to enter in the merit of the substance of what you wrote here I would like to linger a bit about the tone. The whole post, to not say the whole blog when you talk about Cw/S its owners , your fellow contestants, the sponsors and people anyway related to it , is always pervaded by a subtle sense of snobbish detachment , like a well hidden sense of superiority almost as we all were the guinea- pigs of a not better definite laboratory experiment and you the scientist observing us under a magnifying lens to study with anthropological interest our behaviour , our actions and reactions. When I started to read your blog , and I did already some days ago , it at beginning made me laugh for its predictable , even if must say well disguised , obvious aim ( to unmask a trick another tricker is needed  ), but when lately the blog went gradually losing its sense of measure and the grace in saying things it became slightly irritating . Till the climax in the above mentioned post where , always in a continuous game of say/not say , affirm and deny in the same line, you wrote a couple (if not three or four ) things that to my sensitivity seemed rather heavy unpleasant.
    I am not here to make an unsolicited defence of Cw/S cause I guess they can make better than me and with more appropriate language . I will write only the things I feel and someway related to me.

    First of all, always without enter in merit of your statements one by one, since the first lines and going along all the post the semantic choice of language, determined by the use of words and sentences like …. “manoeuvring”, “privilege”, “deep enough pocket”, “holy mackeral”, “band aid / dental floss design”, “purchased the question”, “pandering stereotypes”, “canned”, “lack of transparency”, “engineered outcome” “heartfelt… condolences” “everyone of these women are victims “ “ms moneybag” “tragedy”….only to mention the ones even a poor foreigner can understand , demonstrate not your criticism but your deep despite ( is it hate ? ) towards Cw/S and us girls. And are little useful your final congratulations to the winner if you for full 3 pages before have continually put in doubt the fairness of the contest so the legitimacy of the outcome. The whole sounds rather ambiguous .

    Now lets go a bit deeper in the substance of your affirmations.
    It is true , this kind of contests are based on payment votes and self votes , but all is transparent since the beginning and a notecard of rules is given to everyone, and the request to read , understand and accept it is needed before you can be accepted in the contest . My bad if , as you kindly underlined , making it public on the blog , I was not able to catch it from the beginning maybe wasting some money I could have saved with a more accountant kind of kept of balance money/votes . But if I don’t care why should do you ? The fact is , I had my reason to be on top , I could do it , in that sum there was the sum of winning the auction for a calendar month , which gives me the right to be in another contest (so the amount I paid must be spread in two contests ) and most of all I had fun.. yes the whole time I had fun and everyday I go there I am happy to go at C w/S cause I know I will have fun . ( F U N ) I don’t know if you know the meaning of the word cause all seems so calculated in you and your words.
    In one of the agencies I scouted before to join Cw/S , they asked me 10000 linden every 2 hour lesson for a total of 14 lessons ( 140.000 lindens ) , précising me I wouldn’t have modelled during lessons and not warranting me to be part of the agency even if I passed the final exam. I said bye bye without regrets. “Intelligenti pauca”

    In Cw/S I have already had the outcome of my investment , they are months that participating to the daily contests, to the Sunday fashion shows , to the practices I am learning , acquiring a professional way to move , experience, experience and again experience and all on field, in true shows dealing with the true last minute problem , learning to solve them not through sterilized school essays . Moreover doing what I like to do! For me the aim of the whole thing , since when I joined to Cw/S was another but win the contests and the pageants (even if it is always nice to win I would be hypocritical to deny it ! ) . I wanted to learn , to practice, become a true model, to learn the runway discipline and I am only halfway to it .
    I must say the money I have spent have been blessed , so maybe I will spend as many in the next one, and so the other girls ( opsss it is the same in which you are in .). so be warned we could kick you off from first ten with a sudden “pocket move” although your creative efforts, as we are so stupid and mean !!. See Roland everyone of us had their reason to join here , has their reason to stay or move, and if we have paid in money and in time we didn’t do cause we are stupid “blondes” at the mercy of the “unfair bad organization” . Always there are reasons in things that other people can’t know and they should avoid to give easy and cheap judgements. In first as in second life. So please don’t make offence to our intelligence ..avoid to call us victims, I sure you I am all but a victim, and I dare to talk for the others , the other ladies as well.
    We work in a healthy , caring and friendly environment (even if they not always understand my jokes , but none is perfect !!! ), we work with the most lovely , kind and professional team of models I have seen in SL. Personally I consider an honour and a privilege to call some of them friend. Yes there is competition among us, it is normal, it is the fashion show inner nature and keeps high the attention level, but it is an healthy competition not a pathologic one , the kind of competition which not abides to superior values of fairness, friendship and sense of belonging to a team . I had , I still have and I hope to continue to have (if they don’t kick me out for excess of idiocy) one of the best professional trainer in modeling, who is Anrol . I feel myself already repaid. I don’t really need the floodlight in SL , I have enough of them offline. When on SL I want only relax , chill out , have good time and express unusual sides of my creativity. All things that modeling gives me .

    So I don’t come to the daily contests to gain the 2 points and cause I HAVE to win them. And I didn’t participate to Ms Beautiful aimed to win ( although let me repeat to win is always nice ) , otherwise my “outfits”, “my replies” and my “general behaviour”, both in daily contests and in the pageant would have been more conventional more “suitable” to the occasion . My aim is to have fun dressing , to try new poses , to experiment ( exemple : I dressed black and blue to the bridesmaid contest because “even Goths marry” , I dressed all black at the angel contest as “ fallen angel” etc) always being aware to not win if I push too much the button , but with the aim to have real fun . I really enjoy doing that and sincerely from what I have seen at the contests we have done together and better more deeply on your blog you have never sparkled for outstanding creativity. Sorry if I am honest , you are the less suitable person to move us any criticism about our pageant choice of clothes or poses.
    Finally coming to the questions and answers issue , we all girls knew since the beginning that the first 3 would have had own question in advance ( and Anrol said it clear and loud twice in voice to the audience) and I am honest being myself not English mother tongue for me it was a survival question . Because even if I didn’t care much to win, this first time , I absolutely wanted to avoid the role of the mute stupid fish on stage in front a good number of people and friends . And I think for Arica was the same . So well yes we wanted it. It was in the rules, and we got it !! Any problem with it ?

    Anyhow and here I stop, ( I seem a diesel slow to start but hard to stop ) the result of the pageant in my opinion, notwithstanding your perplexities about the fairness of the whole thing, reflected the real state of facts. Lovena deserved fully to win ( and I had two competent friends in art and creative field , people I brought there confirming me that , cause I asked them to be completely honest with me as being in backstage I didn’t see other contestants’ performances), aside considerations of who is better of whom , which is not the problem at this stage , because she objectively performed the best on runway at the moment.

    And moving some critical exam to myself , I even know why I didn’t place in first 3 . I made some mistakes , both of preventive evaluation and at the moment all for unexperience. I was conscious of my mistakes at the very same moment while I was making them . But acquiring this awareness is sign of growth at my home, it is experience. And in the sum of money that I paid , which seems to disturb you so much , I paid for it as well , experience ! Because everything has a price in 1° as in 2° life . Whoever thinks something different , can be only called naïve . I only hope I didn’t gain an enemy at this point , cause it wasn’t included in the price . 🙂
    Best regards
    Arialee Miles

  4. Wow! Thank you, Arialee. I appreciate your thoughtful response. And your sense of humor as well.

    Let me respond to you by assuring you that this sense you have of detached scrutiny is very real — as you said, “[T]he scientist observing us under a magnifying lens,” — but my main subject of observation is myself. I’m working very hard to understand the male role in this female dominated space. I’m sometimes shocked by the degree that women allow themselves to be objectified and denigrated here, but I assure you that the study is very much one of documenting my own transition into this world of fashion and modeling.

    Yes, I mention the other participants. Sometimes it’s not flattering but it is never intended to be mean spirited. I beg pardon if I have caused you – or any of the other models – offense. It’s never been hidden and not something I’m doing in secret.

    As for the money contestants spend, that isn’t really the issue. It’s your money to spend, and I fully expect that the price of being in the top 10 for this contest will suddenly become too high for me to continue. The next “vote boost” will see all the contestants who were active in the Ms B pageant focus their attention on Hollywood. I understand that. Watching the previous beach contest develop gave me full warning. I don’t understand it, but I don’t deny that it’s part of the game and never have.

    I’ll skip over most of this because I agree with much of what you say, but in large part, it seems that my comments are being mistaken as somehow being critical of the participants in the pageant or the pageant itself.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    I have a great deal of respect and admiration for all the Ms Beautiful contestants. I have more than a passing admiration for the C w/S organization as well. There are things they do that infuriate me, but the same could be said of my own family.

    My point in making this post is that somebody needs to point out that the process and procedure by which these pageants are held create the environment where C w/S cannot defend itself against the kinds of accusations that everybody seems to think I have brought.

    I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. I do not believe for one instant that anybody cheated, was bought off, or used undue influence in the Ms Beautiful Pageant of last Sunday.

    What I have said is that by failing to follow good procedures, they leave themselves — and by extension all the models — exposed to the kinds of charges that you all are so vigorously denying.

    There is no defense there. The facts of the fiduciary relationships exist. The lack of arms’ length processing of the judges results exists. If somebody were to point the finger, there’s nothing that C w/S can say.

    That’s a problem, not because of what you all seem to think I’m saying, but because there’s no defense against it. Nobody wants to hear that. I understand.

    Once more: I am not accusing anybody.

    There’s a reason RL pageants have auditors who validate outcomes. There’s a reason that employees and families are not allowed to compete.

    I understand that this is SL and not RL but the same rules of fairness apply.

    Let me finally add that it would have been very easy for me to sit back — like many have done and continue to do — and said nothing. I could have let it go, and shrugged it off as just part of the game.

    If I didn’t care about the models, or about the pageant, or about the C w/S operation — if I didn’t care, it would have been very easy to sit on my hands and let it go.

    But I do care.

    And if the organizers want to ban me, that’s ok. It’s their operation to do as they will. I’m fine with that.

    I tried to make it better. Not for me, because I knew fully well what the likely response was going to be, but I’m still trying to make it a better – more respectable – operation.

    It could be better, but it won’t get better until somebody says something.

    So, I said something. Not because I lack respect, as some have claimed. Not because I want attention, as others have said. Not because I expected anybody would hear it.

    But because you all deserve better.

  5. Thanks for the reply , but I still notice there are contrastant things between your original post and this last one . You are now telling the opposite you told above and with a different register . I really am not here to defend anyone but myself and I can only subscrive once again the whole of I said earlier .
    Everyone has their own opinion and the freedom to express them . I was rather irritated by the o. post when I wrote the reply, and partially I still am .
    But it will pass cause on the long distance the only judgement we have to care about is our own coscience and the awareness to be consistant with ourselves , and I think I am .

    best regards
    Arialee Miles

  6. Thanks, Arialee.

    There is a change in tone. It’s the difference between writing an article and responding personally, but I think I’ve said the same thing consistently here.

    I hope your irritation will pass and we’ll move on.

    Good luck with Styling White tonight. Sorry I can’t be there.

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