Paint It Black

Given the mood around the venue this evening, the Styling Black theme appears to be appropriate. Not too terribly surprisingly, many people were unhappy with my post from yesterday.

The problem with color themes is that there’s no real good hook to hang a visual on. As a result I just took one of my favorite suits and built a look around it.


The basic idea was to find something black to use as inspiration and build around it. I had a black outfit from one of the hunts but when I put it on, while it fit very well and was nicely crafted, it wasn’t inspiring. In my inventory I dug out my black AlphaMale Casual Tux and put on the pants and jacket without the shirt. I wanted a look that was a bit darker and grittier. If I’m going to be painted as a villian, I thought I should look the part.

The shirtless look with tattoo grabbed my attention so I added a face option with beard and used my old standby Illias hair. All told, I was pleased with the look. The point of tonight’s exercise wasn’t to win, but to get my two votes.

The Result
I didn’t place. I agree. Tonight, all I wanted was my two votes.

What Would I Do Differently?
It would have been a stronger presentation if I’d managed to come up with an identity theme. Black Bart, or Blackbeard the Pirate or something.

Given that all I really wanted from tonight was the 2 votes and to face down the critics, I’m very satisfied with the way the evening turned out.

Alphamale – Casual tux – Black
Tat’Tash – Celtic_Arms_Chest-3_a58
V-twins – Classic Bandana – black
V-twins – Gloves – black
Evocative Boots – “Cuban Black” Ankle Boot
HoC-Pentagram Necklace-Celtic Silver

Uw.St Ilias-Hair type-B size-LL (tinted black)
-Belleza- Thomas tan 3 bald


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I'm just an oversized avatar in a silly virtual world.

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