Bunny Love

Tonight’s theme was another of the frustrating ones. “Styling Playboy Bunny” has some rather serious limitations on male participation. There are not now, nor have there ever been male “bunnies.” There have been other kinds of acts for men — the Chippendale Dancers, for instance — but that’s not really “Playboy Bunny.” There is, however, one way to style “Playboy Bunny” that doesn’t involve putting on ears and a tail at all.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the master of the Mansion …


That’s right! The only way I could style “Playboy Bunny” without getting into transvestite area was to go as the Hef himself. Without Hefner and his vision, the icon of the Playboy Bunny wouldn’t exist. I even put a little logo on the smoking jacket (which I’ve blurred to try to avoid an Intellectual Property violation lawsuit).

I have to confess this one was fun. The challenge of how to execute a “styling” event that’s so blatantly sexist and geared toward excluding male participation was a great opportunity to exercise styling out of the box.

The Results

Predictable. The winners were dressed in bunny suits. They looked good. I got two votes.

What Would I Have Done Differently?

The only real option would have been to get a Chippendale collar and cuff set with some bunny ears and gone as what a male bunny would have looked like if there had ever been such a thing. The collar and cuffs, along with a nice pair of slacks and my ankle boots would have made a great visual. The argument against it, of course, is that it’s not “Playboy Bunny” and the only relationship to Bunny is the ears. Great for pandering to the prurient but not really in theme.

The next option would have been to get the bunny outfit, with bodice and all, and played it for the laugh. The problem there is posing. While I have some women’s poses left over from the April Fools Day event, I just didn’t think I had enough to pull off a Roland as Transvestite Bunny.

Coat: Oak Outdoors Outfitters – Smoking Jacket
Pants: AlphaMale – Formal slacks
Glasses: primOptic – Crowe

Hair: Armidi – Poyner (black)
Skin: LeLeutka – Absolute Pale


About Roland

I'm just an oversized avatar in a silly virtual world.

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