Yesterday I went to the new Caliber-at-Rivendell and started poking about before the place really gets going. The club there is called Bogie’s and I was really getting into the mood.


“Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.”

Ok, well, actually, no. She didn’t. At least not yet. And of course, it’s no gin joint, and it’s not mine, but work with me here!

The decor and ambiance are wonderful. Not exactly a gritty noir Casablanca at the end of the war, but the word “swanky” was invented for this place.

At the front there’s this great piano! I’m no Dooley Wilson, but I was in the Casablanca mood so I had to just sit down and play!
Play It!

Now if I could just sing “As Time Goes By…”

There’s even a dance floor!

Gene Kelley?!

Gene Kelley?! This ain’t Singin’ in the Rain! How’d he get past the bouncer?

Welcome to Bogie’s!


Here’s are some of the keynote events this weekend at Bogie’s:

May 9th:
4pm: Kim Seifert

“Kim’s musical style and personal sound is well suited for high energy country rock, and this where she shines and has the most fun. Her dynamic voice will have your heart singing with joy, and your feet dancing out of control. Polished and clean, with excellent range and emotional power, Kim’s performance will take you away.”

5pm: Srv4u Conacher, “Da Bluez Preacher”.

“Srv4u plays gospel blues and standard blues tunes. His styles and songs range from Peggy Lee’s “Fever” to Stevie Ray Vaughn’s “Pride and Joy”, to newer acts like KT Tunstall. “

May 10:
5pm slt Masquerade Ball : with DJ Dakota Christensen

I know I’ll see you there because “Everybody comes to Bogie’s”


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