Edward VIII

The theme for the evening was Kings/Queens. While the opportunity was there to play with the terms — Gypsy King, Drama Queen, or even dressing like a playing card like the King of Hearts — I chose to stay pretty un-imaginative. I picked a real king.

King is an interesting theme. The cliche and the archetype are actually rather different. While Henry VIII or Charles I might make interesting theatre for the Doublet and Hose brigade, modern kings seem more interesting to me. For tonight, I’m Edward the Eighth, the last king of England.


The suit is standard business fair for a working monarch – morning coat and honors. The morning coat in cranberry is from SF Designs. I made the medals.

Edward VIII has been a special fascination for me ever since I learned that he had given up power for a woman. I wondered at how a king might do that when I was a lad, but I think I finally came to realize that even kings are, first, men. Edward VIII is not free of controversy politcally either but I liked the idea of doing a relatively modern king.

Very predictable results. So predictable, I had two of the three selected 10 minutes before the judge decided. They deserved the win and I was too far out of the box to be a serious contender. I got my two votes.

What Would I Do Different?

The possibilities here are almost endless.

  • Gone with “King of Hearts” as a theme
  • Picked a Charles I costume off the rack.
  • Build myself into Henry VIII
  • Made a pun on either King or Queen – This is one instance where “Drag Queen” or “Drama Queen” might actually have worked.

Maybe the next time.


Morning Coat (Cranberry) – SF Designs
Cuban ankle boots – Evocative
Medals – Roland Zepp


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I'm just an oversized avatar in a silly virtual world.

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