When I first saw the new build for Caliber, these lines from Coleridge sprang immediately to mind

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure-dome decree :
Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
Through caverns measureless to man

External Night

The scale and majesty of the place is difficult to comprehend in snapshots. Under the dome a huge open area creates a sense of cathedral — or perhaps elven palace.


The two main wings provide for plenty of space to display the many different kinds of goods available for sale.

Store Interior

From furniture and fixtures to clothing and accessories, Caliber has an enormous collection of goods.

Store Interior

One of the things that kept making me go “wow” was the attention to detail in terms of the framing of views.

Inside Looking Out

Whether you’re looking around the store, or around the grounds, there’s always something to look at that’s worth seeing.

Here’s a view of the jazz club, Bogie’s, from the front door of the store.

View of Bogies from the Store

Join us for the Grand Re-opening of Caliber this weekend with events all weekend long.

External Night


Grand Re-opening
May 9th and 10th

May 9th and 10th
Treasure hunt and great prizes
featuring special prizes for the Physicians of Gor

Concerts & Events
May 9th
1pm slt – Labgraal

4pm slt -Kim Seifert

5pm slt – Srv4u Conacher

6pm slt – DJ Magdalena Kamenev
Rocking into the Night at Bogies

May 10:
5pm slt – Masquerade Ball with DJ Dakota Christensen


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