LabGraal Concert

Caliber is reopened and it’s official! They’ve had their first sim crash.

In the middle of the LabGraal opening concert the throng managed to crash the sim and interrupt for just a few minutes. Thanks to fast work on the part of organizers, we got the link to listen in our local browsers and the music continued.


There’s no way words can do justice to the sound of this fantastic group of musicians. The combination of African, Celtic, and other ethnic musical styles blended in amazing ways to give the unique sound they call Keltic.

It was fantastic.


But while you may have missed the concert, you haven’t missed LabGraal. You can find more about them on their MySpace page and at their website. You can even order CDs online.

If you are a fan of World music of any flavor, you owe it to yourself to give them a listen. They have a fantastic sound and a great mix of music.

And that’s not all. You may have missed this concert, but it’s just the kick off for a day of music here at the Grand Re-Opening of Caliber. There are two more concerts this afternoon and a party with a live DJ at the new club — Bogie’s. That’s starting at 4pm SLT today and running into the Wheee! Hours.

Get on your horse and get on over to Caliber’s Grand Re-opening.


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