Theme: Sports

The theme for the evening was “Sports.” My initial response to this was “team” but then as I thought more about it, I realized that there really are a lot of sports and I had a lot of great sports gear already.

So, the Sport of Kings:

theme: sports

I used a lot of these pieces before in another event, so I went back to see what I should have done differently there.

This time I had some better hair, and a considerably better set of tattoos. I also had a tanned skin this time, which showed off the platinum blond hair very nicely. I left off the glasses and the shirt, but kept my sandals on along with the boardies.

The Result

Third place. My third for the month.

Theme: Sports

Given how many contests I’ve missed this merry month of May, three places — even three thirds — is pretty respectable and I’m delighted to have picked up this one tonight.

What Would I Do Differently

Picked a different sport. One that didn’t use a big honking surfboard. Preferably one that I didn’t have to carry anything at all. That board was a very difficult prop to work around when posing.

Skimpier bathing suit. The leg tatts were obscured by the long board trunks. While they lent a certain air of verisimilitude to the costume, they also got in the way of the really dramatic leg tatts.

Trunks: Reaction Board Shorts
Sandals: Shiny Things BoHo Sandals
Jewelry: MRM Jewelry
Tattoos: Tiki Tattoo – Upolo

Skin: Belleza Thomas Tan
Hair: MADesigns – Cruz (Platinum Blond)


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