It’s a bird! It’s a plane …

The theme du jour last night was Superhero or Comic Character. With all the choices, the challenge was finding something that appealed to me and might likely appeal to the judges. I’m not really a comic book geek — I know several by which I judge my own exposure as laughably un-informed — but I really liked some of the old characters of the DC universe of the 60s.

So I picked one of my all-time fav’s, the Green Lantern:
Dox & Dix have a great selection of superhero costumes and full avatars and I was even able to pick between different versions of Green Lantern to find the one I grew up with, the Hal Jordan, Test Pilot, version.

Just taking the avatar out of the box didn’t seem much like “styling,” though so I put my own shape on and added an Emil pale skin from Redgrave. Unfortunately, that took the mask off because it was part of the skin. Fortunately, I knew where to find a new mask and a quick stop at Illusions gave me the necessary eye wear. The Dox & Dix avatar’s hair was very accurate, but again, I wanted to update it just a bit and added a David 2 in Dark Brown from MADesigns.

The Results
I didn’t place. The competition was quite good and, while I had a ‘Buh?!’ moment when the results were announced, generally I had to agree that the results were mostly understandable.

What Would I Do Differently?
These narrow themes always give me trouble. Where’s the line between “styling” and “mimicry.” Getting an avatar out of the box and wearing it — even lining up poses and walking and all — doesn’t seem much like “styling.” On the other hand, with “superhero” or “comic character” there’s not much opportunity to actually construct the specific costume.

Other characters I might have taken on:

  • Spike Speigel from Cowboy Bepop. There were no anime characters in the competition
  • Dr Horrible. Going for the “super villian” direction and trying for a higher “creativity vote”
  • Archie Andrews. Grab a 50’s retro look from Arteleri and constructing the look from scratch

Ah, well. Two votes closer.

Costume: Dox and Dix – Green Lantern, Hal Jordan
Hair: MADesigns – David 2 Dark Brown
SKin: Redgrave – Emil 3 Pale


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