Memorial Day

The contest for Memorial Day was “Styling Military” and while I wasn’t terribly sure how to approach this, it seemed like the best approach was “straight-on.”


The uniform is Service A uniform for a US Marine Corp Private First Class. I purposely did not pick an officer or dress uniform because I wanted to honor the common soldier. Bunny Kilby at Kilby Military has a good collection of uniforms and, while they’re not perfect, they are pretty darn good.

Two votes. I’m not sure what the judge was looking for but it wasn’t real military. Of the three finalists only one had a legitimate uniform on, and she did a great job with the whole routine. Some of the outfits, I found offensive.

In the interests of disclosure, I must point out that I was a Viet Nam Era veteran. Memorial Day means more than a Monday holiday to me. It’s the day we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice and it deserves a bit of respect.

What Would I Do Differently?
I might have been able to find a better uniform.

Uniform: Kirby Military – USMC Private First Class
Skin: Absolute – Pale (scalp hair)


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  1. You made a great looking Marine. Thank you for serving your country during the Viet Nam War era. I salute you and all of the men and women who have served in the armed forces.

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