Kung Fu-ey

Last night’s contest was “Styling Kung Fu.” There were a lot of possibilities and I wish I’d had more time to pursue them. Unfortunately RL has been rather invasive in the last week with the Memorial Day Holiday here in the States and all.

In spite of that, I put together a quick Kung Fu uniform:
kung fu

I was really taken by this simple silk uniform. Kung fu isn’t one of the ‘belted’ arts like karate so this simple frogged top and pants set worked very well. I particularly liked the color. In order to get a more oriental look, I picked a straight hair from UncleWebs and replaced my green eyes with some brown ones. That wasn’t really much of a “styling” so I added an oriental style bow to the end of the routine. I wanted to avoid the more elaborate “kung fu fighting” routines. I’ve been burned too often on having too much performance and not enough modeling.

The Results

Two votes.

The judge picked some very good and elaborate stylings. I have no quibble over this one. I was scrambling at the last minute, not terribly well prepared, and a long way from being anything approaching creative in this outfit.

What Would I Do Differently?

The archetype for this is David Carradine as Kwai Cheng Caine in the 60s tv show “Kung Fu.” If I’d had a bit more time to think about that, I would have gone after that look with a brown fedora, some dusty clothing, and a shoulder bag.

The silk suit was nice, but rather plain. I might have dressed it up by taking off the shirt and put on some dragon/phoenix tattoos.

Outfit: Musashi-Do – Blue Tiger Chinese Kung Fu Uniform
Shoes: Idai Diquai – Kung Fu Slippers

Skin: Belleza – Thomas Tan
Hair: Uncle Webs Studio – Reed (mesh black)
Eyes: E’s Gleeming Dark Brown


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