Guys on the Grid

At last! A hunt for men!

I’ve been playing at treasure hunts for the last few weeks and one thing I’ve learned is that hunts are for women. Sure, I’ve gotten a few decent items – some jeans, the odd belt, and a lot of shirts – but for every “guy gift” there’s five or more that are dresses, heals, hairs, and jewelry that just don’t suit my build.

Starting June 1, that will change as the “Make Him Over Hunt” begins. The men will finally get a chance at an honest-to-grid hunt featuring over 100 of SL’s best-known and best-kept-secret men’s shops.

The hunt web site has already been set up and the list of participants is gratifyingly long.

Gentlemen, this is the one we’ve been waiting for. If you’re new to the idea of “men’s fashion” or always wondered why you needed more than one pair of jeans, here’s your chance to build your wardrobe and support some of these great designers.

Hat tip to Ryan Darragh over on Men’s Second Style for the information.

Some of the gifts are already showing up in blogs (see Yves Firlan’s Doing Time post on Fashion Freebies for Men for a sample.

Starting Monday, watch for my semi-regular reports from the trail as I track down the treasures and show you what I’ve found.

This is gonna be more fun than a truffle hog in a oak forest. I can hardly wait.


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