Hot Summer Night

One of the long standing problems with these contests is the number of themes that are “women only.” Tonight’s theme of “Lingerie” falls into that category. By definition, lingerie is “women’s underwear and night clothes.” Every definition refers specifically to women’s clothing. With that in mind, there was really nothing I could do here to place. It didn’t stop me from competing, though.

lingerie contest

The key to lingerie is mystery. Good lingerie hints without telling all and teases while provoking a visceral response. As with all fashion, the challenge is in the presentation. For tonight’s Lingerie theme, I chose a simple and elegant pair of Chinese silk pajama pants from XTC. They’re cut low on the top to tease and tantalize. I chose the BoHo sandals from Shiny Things for my feet because they’d be easy to kick off.

To compliment the outfit, I chose to accessorize with :sey’s necklace “edokin+shinkoukaihou” and a simple ruby stud in my left ear. The tan is from Belleza and the hair is UncleWebs.

I went with the “night clothes” definition although it was a toss up between that and the AlphaMale Silk Boxers.

The Results
Predictably, the winners were women and rightly so, since they were – strictly speaking – in theme and I was not. Frustrating but expected.

What Would I Do Differently?
With that theme, there wasn’t really much I could do except go for the “camp factor” and cross dress in ladies underwear.

I could have gone the underwear route with the AlphaMale Silk Boxers, but it still wouldn’t have been “lingerie” as such.

Pants: XTC – China Silk Pajama Pants – Black
Sandals: ShinyThings – BoHo Sandals
Necklace: :sey – edokin+shinkoukaihou

Hair: unclewebs – hibici
Skin: belleza – Thomas Tan


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