Make Him Over Hunt: 1 – 10

Holy Moses! This hunt is shaping up to be the Motherlode for Men!

The hunt started at midnight this morning and will run thru the end of the month. I grabbed the first 10 treasures and I’m blown away. Hair, skins, eyes, clothes, shoes — even some really nice skybox buildings.

But enough chit chat, on with the schwag!


This outfit is All Hunt – hair, skin, eyes, clothes. The only thing that’s not hunt related is the shape, and there was a shape in the package. I just didn’t wear it.

Skin: BeReal – Max
Hair: MADesigns – Slide Black – unreleased
Eyes: MADesigns – ABYSS – Atlantic Sea
Shirt: AlphaMale – Polo shirt – Brown

And the full length view:

This shows the ColorMeChaos Grunge Kilt Pants with cuff and the [horenbeek] Black and Beige Nylon trainers. Yes, [horenbeek] trainers.

ColorMeChaos had a couple of these kilt sets along with three different sky box builds in the package. Staggering.

Skin: BeReal – Max
Hair: MADesigns – Slide Black – unreleased
Eyes: MADesigns – ABYSS – Atlantic Sea

Shirt: AlphaMale – Polo shirt – Brown
Pants: ColorMeChaos – Grunge Kilt Pants
Shoes: [horenbeek] – Nylon trainers (black/beige)

Speaking of shoes. I have a heck of a time getting shoes I really like. In other posts here, I’ve documents some of my shoes but if this hunt keeps up like this I’m gonna need to get some shoe storage tips from Imelda Marcos.

On top is a close up on the [horenbeek] nylon trainers. These are exquisitely done as we’ve come to expect from them.

On the bottom is a pair of chucks from Line! I have to confess, I’ve never looked at Line’s shoes but these will have me back there looking over some of their other offerings as well

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Here’s more:

This is an outfit from another place I’d never run into before – nuvolino. The shirt is a very nicely excuted black shirt with prim collar and has a really well done biohazard symbol on the chest and back in gray. It’s a very subtle pattern and I lilke the collar shape a lot. It comes with a pair of brown grungy jeans — which I have to apologize for not getting a better picture of.

And note the hair! Another MADesigns unreleased style called Richi.

Shirt: .nuvolino – :ATSD:. Surreal Mens biohazard shirt
Pants: nuvolino = .:ATSD:. Surreal punk jeans
Hair: MADesigns – Richi Blond

Skin: LeLutka – Absolute Pale

Guys? Are you still reading? Stop. Go. Hunt. Show that men care about this stuff as much as women.

And while you’re out there, show your support for these great designers by tapping the voting machines, tossing a few lindens into their tip jars if you can. Maybe look around a little and see if there’s something else there you like. Especially if it’s a shop you’ve never seen before. It makes a difference and even if you don’t find something you want at the moment, even the traffic numbers generated by having your avatar in the region for an extra few minutes can make a difference.

Recap on how it works:

If you’re not familiar with the “grid wide hunt” concept, it’s really easy. You start with a landmark to the first stop (in this case it’s MADesigns). Look for the “male symbol” somewhere in the store. What You Look ForIt can be any size and any where. When you find it, buy it (it’s free, or should be), and inside you’ll find the treasure and a landmark for the next shop. Teleport to that shop and repeat.

This hunt is circular. That means if you find one of the “Make Him Over Hunt” signs in one of your favorite shops, you can start there. When you get to the end, the link will point you back to the beginning and you can keep going until you’ve gotten all the prizes.

The hunt has a web site and a group for in-world hints and support.

With over 150 participating designers, the 10 represented here are just the beginning. It’s going to be a great month!


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