Send In The Clowns

The contest tonight was “Styling Clowns.” From Bozo to Ronald to Emmet Kelley to … well, the field is unlimited in terms of iconic clowns. And if that’s not enough then there are plenty of visual hooks — the clown nose, hair, make up — that can turn any outfit into “Clown.”

As soon as I saw this theme, I remembered a skin I got in the Bunny Hop Hunt and I pulled it out and started from there.

Eh, bien! Je voudrai de presenter PIERROT!


A stock character from the European mime tradition and Commedia dell’Arte, Pierrot is a French variant of the Italian Pedrolino. He’s one of the “sad clowns” and pines for his lost love. He’s often portrayed as naive but well meaning. The character has served as a prototype for European circus clowns for a century or more.

During the Bunny Hop Hunt, seshil Felisimo offered this wonderful Pierrot skin as a prize and I was inspired to find a suitable Pierrot costume to match. Unfortunately, none of the Pierrot’s that I found were what I wanted so I made this one from the top of the hat to the tip of my shoes. Except the gloves. Those are from SF Designs.

The Results

Mercy 3rd.

I’m not sure if I really earned the third place or if they just gave the whole tail end of the field 3rd since there were only 5 in the contest. For whatever the reason, I got the placement.

What Would I Do Differently?
The skin was really the inspiration for this piece and with clowns, I think the skin is rather important.

I could have done almost anything differently, but adding some texture to the shirt and pants might have helped. I made them but they were very flat looking.

Poses. I could have used some better poses. Something operatic would have been good. Even using some of the RockaBilly poses.

Skin: Pierrot 1 – seshil Felisimo
Gloves: White dress gloves – gift from SF Designs
Eyes: MADesigns – ABYSS Atlantic Sea

The outfit: me.


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I'm just an oversized avatar in a silly virtual world.

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