MHOH 11-40

Tons of great stuff in the next 30 stops on the treasure hunt. I’m running short on time to write about them because I spent so much time unpacking and looking them over!

MHOH 11-40, originally uploaded by roland_zepp.

This morning’s post highlights some of the designers I’d not run into before. Bryce Designs “Frankie” (#13)with the hat and hair combo is stunning. The gift is a fatpack with hair in a variety of colors and in a length I’d not seen before. It’s high prim but also gorgeously done.

The shirt is Malo from ducknipple (#19) — a designer I’d heard about but never visited before — and it comes with both collar and hoodie version (not shown) options. I really love the use of texture in this top. It’s not something you see everyday.

The pants are the black jeans from *EROS* “Greggor” (#25) – an entire outfit by itself and a very sharp monochrome look it is, too.

I added the gloves – (F.A.T. BLACK GLOVEZ-GOLD – BY F.A.T. DESIGNZ – #27) because I thought they looked really cool with the short sleeves — not quite golfer, not quite biker, and altogether bad-azz. They are just part of another complete outfit as well.

Accessories include the Midnight Mamba shades from Santero (#18), Ephemeral Gemstone Stud Earring (silver/jet, left) (#26) and the Sinner watch 3.6 from SS Designs (#22).

There’s tons more stuff to talk about just in these thirty treasures — shirts, pants, 3 pairs of sunglasses, several pendants… But I’m out of time and I need to get back to the hunt!

My sincerest thanks to all the designers who’re making this such a squee-worthy event. My hat’s off — err, on — um, whatever.


Watch for more updates as I pick up more great goodies!


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  1. 151 stores complete and OMG im in heaven with this stuffll you are right Roland this stuff rocks.. watch out clothing fair ’10.. cuz the mens stuff is going to kick it with all these new designers i have found

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