MHOH 41-69

I’ve been giving you a bit of the pret-a-porter so far, but today I want to show you some of the complete outfits. Note: These are not ALL the complete outfits (meaning pants and shirt) you’ll find in here. There are a half dozen more that I couldn’t fit in the picture.

41 to 69 Full Outfits

Left to right:
Zoobong & Cailente (#46) – great wrinkles and shading. prim collar and messenger bag. great green!
Crash Culture (#52) – red hoodie with a terrific pair of jeans. hood comes with up/down options
Signature Skin (#54) – two pair of jeans and three different shirts make this a closet full all by itself. I really like this horizontal stripe
Thalia (#69) – i loved this layered look with the “kiss me” logo on the front. the jeans are really nice, too.

The detail on all of these outfits is superb. The use of texture and color is very encouraging for men’s fashion, I think.

One nice thing about doing these posts for you each day is that I have to unpack and sort. The bad thing is that it’s cutting into my hunting time.


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