MHOH 70 – 90

The hits just keep on coming. I ran short of Hunt Time yesterday so only got through 20 more treasures. One thing I’ve noticed is that there are a lot of shirts and jackets. Some are part of outfits but a lot are just really cool toppers that work well with almost anything. Here are six of them that I found in just this last set of finds:

Keep in mind, this isn’t even all the single shirts. It’s just the ones I had room for.

Left to Right:

Robbish Designs (#75) – great translucent shirt with a nice detail across the front.
Rebel Designs (#85) – Hoodie (red) – comes with hood up/down options
[KA] Designs (#88) – Twisty Shirt – great textures that dont come across well in this photo
iPop (#89) – Passion T-Shirt – I love the whimsical nature of these shirts. There are two of them in the box.
X’ed (#82) Seven Deadly Sins – Lust – nice lines and red accent graphics.
IC Designs (#83) MHO Shirt (red) – I loved this. It reminded me of “Gotta Catch ‘Em All”

I would be remiss if I failed to mention the prize at stop 90, the dress slacks shown with all those shirts.

Yes, I normally wear jeans myself, but sometimes I’d like something a little dressier. I have a few pair that I wear a lot but these front-pleated dress slacks from Adjunct (#90) are spectacular. The detail on the pleats on the front and the pockets in the back is superb. The rich charcoal color isn’t flat but has a soft texture that has the feel of a good pair of wool slacks.

Kudos to the folks at Adjunct! Thanks for the great contribution to MHOH.


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