Make Him Over Hunt 91-120

The hunt is winding down for me but you have the rest of the month to take advantage of these great items. Today I’ve got a potpourri of items to share. They’re just some of the items that caught my eye as I was unpacking last night’s haul.

First up, some necklaces.

I’m always on the lookout for neck wear that actually lays on my chest correctly. It’s difficult because I have a thick neck and I like things to be settled correctly. These three items jumped out at me.

Top to bottom:

  1. Sable Rose Jewelry (#113) – Walkabout Mens Choker(Silver)
  2. Shine (#111) – Vis Rust necklace
  3. Rhiannon’s Realm (#110) – Men’s Gold Dubloon Necklace
Next a pair of boxers that just tickled my funny bone from the shop that has my vote for “Best Named So Far”


Plug in the Plastic Planet has a couple of items in their gift box and this dark gray pair of boxers grabbed my attention for their clean lines, nice shading, and bold pattern. I realize it’s a bit odd, but I really liked them.

Last up for today, combat boots?!

These lil beauties are from Perfectionist (#105) as part of a whole outfit. These are the kind of “clunky-in-a-good-way” footwear that I love, but never really managed to get my feet in before. The tops aren’t so large that you can’t wear them with jeans or other “boot cut” pants, and the detail primwork is really nice. I’m impressed, but then, I probably should be. James Schechter is a Perfectionist.

I should be doing the last 30 tonight and I’ll have a fresh post wrapping up the MHOH tomorrow.


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  1. rosiebarthelmess

    Thank you so very much for noting my choker. I’m glad you liked it. ❤ -Rosie Barthelmess, Sable Rose Jewelry

  2. You’re welcome, Rosie. And thank you for participating in the hunt.

    I *should* have mentioned that there are actually THREE – count ’em THREE – chokers in that bundle. I like the silver one, but the gold or sand colors will appeal to others, I’m sure!

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