Make Him Over Hunt 121-151


That’s all I can say about it.


Today, one last outfit from the end of the hunt. I really liked this outfit called “Made Men” from Toxic Tiger (#143). The jeans are really well done and the shirt/waistcoat combo has some nice cuffs and collar. The Jungle Wear (#136) “Claws” surprised me when I saw them in the folder. I was expecting something a tad more Neko-ish. The monochrome palette on the shoes made them a natural to go with the grey vest.

For accessories, I added the Convent Necklace from Goth1c0 (#140), the ceramic and silver bracelet from Bull and Bear (#132), and the Patchouly Belt from Kosh (#151) – the last item in the hunt. I liked the weight on the Convent Necklace. Sometimes men’s jewelry feels a bit heavy and blocky. This one, while carrying a bit of extra heft, seems to work really well. The bracelet gave me a bit of trouble fitting, until I realized that the texture had some alpha-layer action going on, giving it a sort of pierced look and that my skin was supposed to show through in spots. This item is mod, too, so I was able to shape it bit better to my wrist than a simple round shape would do. And I had to wear the belt. It’s the last item on the list, and worked with this outfit. It’s also very well done. I have trouble wearing belts but this one didn’t require a lot of bit-fiddling to get a good fit.

I won’t add to the bandwidth that the Hunt is generating by adding a lot more pictures and commentary. There are some terrific posts already, including a very comprehensive catalog of finds over at Free Finds for Men and a great set of “highlight” posts over on the Make Him Over Hunt blog.

I will say a heart-felt, “Thank you,” to Tarsis Gausman, Samara Pennell, and all the people who are currently helping to support this great opportunity for some terrific designers of men’s wear to get known.

Guys, if you haven’t had a chance to do the hunt, take a few hours and run through some of the stores. Visit, vote, and support them by buying something if you can. I know I’m putting together an index of my favorites and I’ll be going back to see what I might have missed.

Let ’em know you noticed.


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