Teen Angel

Wednesday’s theme was “Teenager” and I found this to be harder than it might appear.

So, not exactly an “angel” but here’s the look:

Teens live in a horrible place – hormone driven, socially challenged, and locked into a system that strives to control them while at the same time challenging them to escape.

To demonstrate that angsty level of style, I chose the black Winter Vest from Kiwi Designs layered over a Rebel Designs Hoodie base and >TRUTH< Blood Tshirt. Nuvolino provided the Surreal Punk Jeans while the Black Chucks are from LiNe. Hat and Hair are from :sey. Accessories include the LacieCakes Tagged Silver Guns and a delightfully clunky watch from BUKKA.

To keep the youthful theme going, I changed my shape to a narrower, less developed version and used Belleza's Jonas medium tone skin for the more
emo looking eyes and sallow complexion.

The Result

A very surprising tie for third place:

This was harder than it looked. The challenge is that while we all have an idea of “teen” and what that looks like, actually pulling it off depended less on outfit than on skin.

What Would I Do Differently?

I’d get a more youthful looking skin. Me Belleza and LeLutka skins have a definite adult cast to them. They’re not as mature looking as some but still not teen-ager. Something like Den-Dou’s Jiro or Ichiro might have worked better.

I’d pick a recognized “style” of teen — emo, gothy, school boy, something. This outfit was pieced together out of hunt treasures, and bits and pieces from my inventory. While it sorta worked, the third place result says it could have worked better.


Vest: black Winter Vest — Kiwi Designs
Shirt:: Rebel Designs Hoodie
Undershirt: >TRUTH< Blood Tshirt.
Jeans: Nuvolino – Surreal Punk Jeans
Shoes: LiNe – Black Chucks
Hat and Hair: :sey.

LacieCakes -Tagged Silver Guns
BUKKA – watch lasta

skin: Belleza – Jonas medium


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I'm just an oversized avatar in a silly virtual world.

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