He’s Got Legs!

With apologies to ZZ Top, tonight’s contest was “Great Legs” and the difficulty for me is, once more, this is a woman’s field. Guy’s legs are knobby, hairy, and generally kept fishbelly white under long pants. At least, my legs. So, trying to do this theme took a lot of mental re-alignment on my part.

In order to show off a great pair of legs, the skin has to define key elements such as front and back of the knee and – for guys – a well sculpted thigh. I chose LeLutka’s Absolute because it has great definition without looking cartoonish.

I picked a beach boy look by adding Uncle Webs “Angel Shine” Reed, my favorite Shiny Things Bo-Ho Sandals, a pair of ache lowcut swim trunks, and a straw colored tee shirt from Moonshine.The body oil is from Nyokos.

To accessorize, I added my Crowe glasses from primOpic, the Walkabout Men’s Choker from Sable Rose Jewelry, M.R.M.’s Surf Bracelet, my own ruby stud earring, and a knotted leather bracelet from the Mustang Trading Post resized to fit my ankle.

The Result

Very confusing. Not that I expected to place. This was a contest for women, one of several in the next few days that will be impossible for me to place in.

But confusing because the winners had perhaps the least well defined legs in a rather large field. Obviously my definition of “great legs” and the judge’s definition varied on the definition of definition.

Perhaps the answer lies in a statement made by one of the organizers after the winners were announced. “FYI for great looking leggs 100 and having a great leggs as a model no muscles on the leggs”

I must remember that for the final that’s coming up.

What Would I Do Differently?

The challenge here is to frame and feature the leg in whatever look I come up with. To my mind that means showing lots of leg and keeping it simple and elegant.

Still, I could have:
– Added a tattoo
– Changed out footwear to something like a horenbeek trainer, or a pair of chucks

Apparently learning what the criteria for judging might be would be good, too.


skin: LeLutka – Absolute (Tan)
hair: UWS – Reed (Angel Shine)

Tee: Moonshine – Straw
Trunks: Ache – Low cut swimwear
Sandals: Shiny Things – BoHo

Necklace: Sable Rose – Walkabout Choker (sand)
Bracelet: MRM – Surf Bracelet
Anklet: Mustang Trading Post – Knotted Leather Bracelet (resized for my ankle)

Nyoko’s Body Oil


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