Unsightly Midriff Bulge?

Tonight’s contest was “Styling Midriff.” I wasn’t going to participate in this one. I’m not the kind of av who generally goes without a shirt and I try diligently to keep the gap between shirt and pants closed. Be that as it may, I was fairly sure that the winners would be women and I’d walk away with my two votes for the week.

Lacking anything like a torn off athletic jersey, the only thing I could come up with to show my midriff was this vest from :sey. Shirtless, with some tattoos for accent, it certainly showed off my midriff. The Elephant Outfitter jeans rode nicely low and Evocative “Cuban” Ankle Boots gave me a little elevation. For me the issue was skin and as much as I like my LeLutka Absolute, the navel looks too odd to enter it in what is basically a belly button contest. Luckily my Belleza Thomas has a great navel and nicely defined abs without being cartoonish.

The Results

Three women won. Big surprise. I have no idea why they won, other than they appeared to appeal to the judge’s sense of model aesthetic.

My head’s in a different place so I’m going to withhold comment on this one.

What Would I Do Different?

I don’t know why the winners won so it’s difficult to say what I might have done to make my efforts more effective.

Midriff exposure is not a man’s style, so I’m left scratching my head and thinking that I got about what I expected — two votes.

vest: :sey R&D
jeans: Elephant Outfitters Blue
shoes: Evocative Cuban Ankle Book (black)
tatts: Tat’Tash Ink’s Celtic and RocX’s “Wings of Sin”
accessories: Sable Rose Men’s Choker (silver), and my own diamond ear stud

skin: Belleza Thomas Tan
hair: UWS Reed Mesh Black
eyes: E’s Gleaming Forest Green


About Roland

I'm just an oversized avatar in a silly virtual world.

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