Finale Formal Wear

The finale for the Hollywood Walk of Fame Pageant is Sunday at 3pm and I’ve got my outfits lined up.

formal_roland7, originally uploaded by roland_zepp.

The formal is the final outfit and I wanted to give appropriate recognition to Swaffette Firefly’s SF Designs. I didn’t want to wear a straight off-the-rack suit for something as important as the final, but I also didn’t want to bother a high-profile designer like Swaffette. This Morning Suit started life with a cranberry vest and tie, but it lacked something in terms of formality for me so a fast run to SF Design’s High Society Store at Penryn gave me the severe black tie and vest that I was looking for.

I understand it’s common for women to get designers to custom create a formal gown for them for these events. I suspect there’ll be a few of those on Sunday, but when I actually think about it, when it comes to men’s formal wear, there’s not much “custom” that’s really allowed. Perhaps I’m mistaken on that – as I’ve been about so much else in fashion here – but it seems like women have a lot more leeway.

It would have been interesting to try out one of SF Design’s Celestial’s or perhaps a Hamiltonian Tux, but I picked this one because it felt right to me in terms of formality, elegance, and sophistication.

Suit: SF Design – Morning Suit
Shirt/Vest: SF Design – Vest, Shirt, Tie (black)
Gloves: SF Design – white gloves
Shoes: Evocative “Cuban” Ankle Boot (black)
Boutonierre: Essentia Groom Boutonniere Red

Hair: – Ilias Coffee
Eyes: E’s – Gleeming Forest Green
Skin: LeLutka – Absolute (tan)


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  1. Thanks for choosing sf design 🙂 although i dont have time for custom outfits im happy to recolour vests and ties for my customers and do in fact quite a few for weddings to match bridesmaids – just dont ask me the night before an event lol

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