The Butler Did It

The latest contest was “Sexy Maid and Macho Butler.” When I saw this, my first thought was Chippendale dancer because they always looked like stripped down butlers or cabana boys to me.


I rummaged through my inventory and came up with that great pair of dress slacks from Adjunct and my JCS Sebastian shoes. For some reason I didn’t have a bowtie/collar combination, but my heavy perusal of SF Designs lately paid off.

These kinds of sexual objectification contests make me uneasy. Maybe it’s my inherent prudishness. Maybe it’s that I really don’t find most of what gets selected particularly attractive or sexy. It doesn’t seem to matter who’s judging, so maybe it’s more about my views being disconnected from the consensus reality of the metaverse.

The Results

A surprising second place finish.


Some nights I don’t understand the selection, but given the emphasis on “sexy” in tonight’s contest, I’m pretty much in agreement with the lineup. I found some of the other contestants – perhaps – sexier, but I can certainly see where the judge considered these three to be her top picks.

What Would I Do Differently?

I’m never sure what women consider “macho” and I don’t equate “macho” with “sexy” so there’s a semantic disconnect for me with this contest right off the bat.

It’s always hard to argue with a win, but perhaps a different skin – something with chest hair – might have had more animal attraction. I like this new line of Belleza skin but I’m never sure of the tone. It seems like I’m always just off the mark on the color I want. I wish I could get a “color pack” — the same face/hair/beard combo in all the skin tones, rather than a “tone pack” where I get a collection of face/hair/beard choices all in the same tone. But I digress.

The hair was a bit too neat. Perhaps something that looked a little bit more like I was just crawling out of bed leaving a satisfied mistress of the house behind would have been a better choice.

Anyway, I got my two votes and 250L prize money.

Pants: Adjunct – pleated front dress slacks.
Collar/Cuff: SF Designs – Color change bowtie w/shirt
Gloves: SF Designs – white dress gloves
Shoes: JCS – Sebastian black

Hair: – Ilias (coffee)
Skin: Belleza – Johan (sunkissed)
Eyes: MADesigns – PROMISE pale brown 6


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I'm just an oversized avatar in a silly virtual world.

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