Creative Finale

In addition to the swimsuit and the formal, the Hollywood Walk of Fame Pageant has a “creative outfit” competition. In this segment, the models have to find some outfit that means something to them and, presumably, demonstrates something of what we’ve learned about style, fashion, and execution.

The subject matter is wide open so I chose a genre that has long interested me but which I have not had much opportunity to explore yet – Steampunk.

In Second Life one’s dreams take flight – and sometimes that flight is by airship. The Steampunk genre has a firm foot hold in the metaverse with numerous regions dedicated to it and a plethora of talented builders, designers, and scripters working to create a virtual world of steam and cog, leather and brass. With that in mind, I wanted to create the Steampunk Adventurer for the event this afternoon and I started with one of the premier artificers — Drack Diesel.

My outfit is based on several pieces from Drack’s Arcavim line starting with the highly detailed Sky Sailor boots in black. They’re perfectly designed for working around the airship and feature many color change parts. The Nautical Trousers carry a delightful chart-like texture and set the tone for the rest of the outfit. On
top, I layered Drack’s Noble Shirt and Tie in forest green and gold under the Noble’s Vest in slate and covered it with the sumptuously textured Noble’s Jacket.

No self-respecting adventurer can head off into the unknown without some equipment. My belt compass and steampunk Explorer’s watch are from Grunge Depot and I fell in love with the richly detailed — if totally non-functional — instruments.

As important as instruments are hat and goggles. Leaving on an adventure sans chapeau is unthinkable and goggles are required equipment when working on balky airship engines. The typical Steampunk hat-of-choice is the venerable top hat and, while useful for storing one’s lunch and an odd candle or two, the topper is just not my style. After failing to find just the right acoutrement, I resorted to a bit of artifice myself and crafted this hat and goggles in the best steampunk tradition. The wide brim keeps the sun off my neck and out of my eyes, while the googles provide both protection from the drying winds aloft and a certain level of magnification when adjusted properly.

The shape is my own but the skin is LeLutka’s Absolute in a suntan tone. Uncle Web Studio’s Ilias hair in a coffee color holds my hat up. The gloves and ear stud are items I made to fill in where I needed something.

I better get moving. I left the dirigible double parked.

Boots: Arcavim – Sky Sailor (black)
Pants: Arcavim – Nautical Trousers (black)
Shirt/Tie: Arcavim – Noble Shirt (green and gold)
Vest: Arcavim – Noble Vest (black)
Coat: Arcavim – Noble Coat (black)
Compass and Watch: Grunge Depot
Hat and Goggles: Roland Zepp

Hair: Hibiki Coffee
Eyes: E’s Gleaming Forest Green
Skin: LeLutka Absolute Tan


About Roland

I'm just an oversized avatar in a silly virtual world.

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